Hayley Quinn: Good Vs CREEPY Ways to APPROACH Girls

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Hayley Quinn is a female dating instructor who Ross Jeffries seems to be going ape shit over lately.

Maybe it’s because her name is just one letter off from his favorite comic book villain wet dream, HaRley Quinn.

I kid. Actually, good ol’ Ross seems to ass kiss any attractive female dating coach who hops on the scene.

I digress. Any way, here’s a video of Harley Quinn… I mean Hayley Quinn… talking about how guys creep girls out when they approach and pursue them:

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SNL “Flirting” Skit MOCKS Chick Flicks & Awkward Nice Guys

Here’s a quick Saturday Night Live skit called “Flirty”. It’s about “two neighbors struggle to find the right words to tell each other how they feel.”

It starts off slow with a “chick flick” vibe, but has a harsh “reality check” at the end:

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Want to Stop Approach Anxiety? Try Counting Sheep…

Approach anxiety is a condition where people (usually men) get nervous about talking to unfamiliar members of the opposite sex. They rationalize in their head why they SHOULDN’T approach the girl or guy. For example, “she’s probably got a boyfriend”.

counting sheepIt can severely inhibit their dating and sex life.

So how can you STOP approach anxiety?

Popular pickup artist Mystery advocates using the “3 Second Rule”. The 3 Second Rule is to approach a girl within 3 seconds of seeing her. This prevents your brain from having enough time to make excuses to not approach.

There is psychology backing Mystery’s 3 Second Rule. Psychologists recommend doing the things that you fear as fast as possible and without thinking. The more you hesitate, the lesser the chance you will do it.

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Satisfy Your Ego by Manipulating the Ego of Others

Does your ego keep you from succeeding with women? Does it prevent you from making friends?

Egocentrism is a real bitch. I can’t count how many times I’ve pissed on my own leg by letting my ego get the best of me.

guy-hitting-on-hot-girl-in-barEveryone is self-centered. Every man wants their ego stroked. But there’s a real shift as guys go from chump to champ.

They start off as the puppy dog. They constantly seek attention & approval. They want their head scratched and their belly rubbed by others. Their self-esteem is low and they need the attention of others to build it back up.

Unfortunately, this makes them very unattractive to women. To be their friend is a thankless job. These ‘chumps’ are demanding but offer little in return.

But as these guys improve their social skills and self-esteem, they turn from a follower to the leader. Their self-worth is high and they no longer need the approval of others.

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How to Avoid Fights in a Nightclub, Bar or Pub

Have you ever been at a bar hitting on girls when some guy comes and tries to start shit with you?

Shy guys often won’t approach girls in fear that she might have a big boyfriend who will beat them up.

Confrontations occasionally happen, but the likelihood of them turning physical is extremely rare. But if it does, here’s some great bar fighting tips:

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