Do You Want to Be Right or Do You Want to Get Laid?

There’s a saying “do you want to be right or happy?”..

It means being the person who has to be right often leads to people hating you.. which makes your life more difficult..

This comes into play when dealing with friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers.. but it really comes into play with dating and relationships..

I do think it’s important to be a leader and “alpha”..

But there’s times where you need to pick your battles and keep your damn mouth shut..

For example, I find that attractive women are very susceptible to following “pseudosciences”..

Pseudosciences are perceived sciences with no actual scientific evidence or backing..

For example, astrology says we can determine our compatible lovers by the stars and thus birthdates..

Reiki says you can heal bodies by transmitting energy from your palm to free trapped energy in the body..

I personally find both of these pseudosciences incredibly illogical and utterly ridiculous..

But should I try to convince someone that they are wrong and that I’m right?

Is that productive towards obtaining my goal with the girl.. to date or sleep with her?

Your ego is really your biggest enemy in regards to obtaining what you want..

Don’t let your ego get the best of you!

Let people believe what they like. You are not likely to change their mind any how.

You are only going to make them not want to be around you..

“Being right” is not always “right” for you..

So choose “getting laid” over “being right”..

Don’t compromise your morals.. but don’t try to convince someone their morals or believes are wrong..

This also goes for religion, politics, etc.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

Julien Blanc Peacocks by Dressing Like Teenage Girl

Last post, I licked Real Social Dynamic’s balls for how good their video production is lately..

Then they post this absolute shitshow of a video..

It sure looks like they green-screened Julien Blanc in the bridge footage at the beginning. The camera rotates and he stays stationary. The lighting on him doesn’t change even as the camera moves around.

I understand the concept of “peacocking”, but Julien Blanc has been dressing like a bumbling fuckwad for the past several years. Let’s breakdown his atrocious wardrobe in this video:

1.) Shitty curved billed “dad cap” placed slightly cockeyed on the head-

You are not the Fresh Prince. This is not 1994. Your hat does not make you look “edgy”.. it makes you look like a fucking baffoon.

2.) Baggy baby blue shawl/button down sweater with white stars-

I don’t know if this butt ugly sweater makes him look more like a teenage girl character from the 1990’s TV sitcom “Blossom” or more like one of the “Golden Girls”. It is effeminate, and not like in a questionable “tight leather pants” way where it can be considered “sexy”. This sweater is a female boner killer through and through. It sucks any moisture from women’s panties like a tampon in the Sahara Desert.

3.) Baggy Kiss “Hot In The Shade” t-shirt-

This is the one article of clothing he’s wearing that I sort of like. “Hot In The Shade” is a shitty late-80s Kiss album during their forgettable makeup-less era. It’s best known for having the power ballad “Forever” which turns erect nipples into droopy dog ears and makes hard cocks instantly limp as an overcooked noodle. That being said, I have a soft spot in my heart for anything related to the late-80s/early 90s. My main issue with the shirt is that it’s 3 sizes too big and the collar is stretched out like Andre The Giant’s mom’s vagina after giving birth to him.

4.) Tight black jeans with knees ripped out-

Julien’s tops are all sloppy, baggy, and stretched-out. But his jeans are super skinny. But he’s got the knees ripped out. I never understood unfaded brand new jeans with the knees ripped out. I guess fashion is not logical, and Julien’s fashion is even less logical.

5.) Shiny silver Gucci sneakers-

Gucci sneakers don’t make sense to me. They are incredibly expensive shitty-quality boring sneakers. Why not add some shiny tinfoil to them to “flashy” them up? Then they look like incredibly gaudy expensive shitty-quality boring sneakers.

As a whole, Julien gives me a Chappelle Show’s Tyrone Biggums fashion vibe.

So enough being fashion police, what about the presentation?

Julien Blanc is in a large auditorium and he’s showing permanent marker chicken scratch drawings on a little drawing easel. Really? Was the projector broken? This is a horseshit presentation!

Julien has really lost me lately. The dude is always bouncing around and constantly has his arms frailing like a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman who just snorted a line of coke off a hooker’s ass.

I think the dude needs some L-Theanine to take it down a couple notches. I get being high energy, but this guy is just draining to watch. Reading my kick-ass free men’s dating tips newsletter is a lot more mellow and rewarding, sign up for it here.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

Real Social Dynamics removes Dating and Pickup Artist Advice from their YouTube Videos

Ever since Real Social Dynamics started straying away from dating advice, I’ve really stopped following them..

I don’t have an hour to spare to watch Owen Cook (forever RSD Tyler Durden to me) babble about woo-woo general self-help rhetoric..

But that being said, I’m still blown away by the production value for their videos..

In this video, Tyler.. oops, I mean Owen.. goes on a boat ride around the San Francisco bay.. all while he gives self-help advice that I didn’t pay any attention to..

I want you to appreciate the videography in this video..

1.) There’s two cameramen. There’s a stationary cameraman and a perimeter cameraman. I often find the switching between cameras during a video annoying.. particularly when vloggers keep switching back and forth between a stationary straight on shot and a side shot. But I really liked the multiple cameras in this video. It gave the video more depth. Both cameramen did a great job. Some of the later boat shots were not the best, but they were pretty rock solid considering the circumstances. It sure must be nice to have the luxury of having cameramen and editors at your disposal like RSD has.

2.) I have to give Tyler/Owen credit for keeping focus and delivering a consistent conscious unwavering train of thought throughout every environment. It is quite impressive. At least I think he did, I really just zoned out from his ramblings and admired the scenery.

3.) I thought the music interludes were dope. Adding the song “All That I Can” by Alpha 9 made an impressive video even better. It’s a catchy song with fitting lyrics. But adding the song probably cost them monetization or else caused extra ads in their video. Obviously RSD probably makes the majority of their money on the backend, but they likely took a hit for using other people’s music unless they had a prior license agreement that I don’t know about.

4.) The secondary cameraman shot some amazing footage during the boat ride. The Golden Gate Bridge.. Alcatraz.. going on that boat ride is now on my bucket list. Even the cameraman’s moving footage while they were walking on the pier was impressive.

RSD really raised the bar with their videos. They used to be like watching an Adam The Woo video with solid dating advice. But they really lost me when they removed the RSD branding and branched out to general self-help and make money online advice. Those markets are so saturated. Is it better to be a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond?

I find myself now skipping past the hour long RSD videos in my subscription feed to watch the ten minute Todd V Dating videos shot in his house on a tripod..

I guess amazing cinematography isn’t everything..

What do you think about Real Social Dynamics new direction?

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

3 Dating Tips I Learned From Watching “Tiger King” on Netflix

I watched the Netflix docu-series “Tiger King” and I thought it was trash..

Tiger King DatingI kept waiting for them to introduce a person that I could cheer for..

But they all ended up being total scumbags..

Not all was lost, because there were certain dynamics in the show that got me thinking..

So here’s my 3 things I learned from watching Tiger King that relates to dating..

1.) Find a passion that women are also passionate about

The two main guys used their passion for tigers to attract people they were attracted to. Joe Exotic was gay, so he got young guys who loved tigers. Bhagavan Antle aka “Doc Antle” used it to attract young hot girls. He dated them and tried to convince them to get breast implants.

So am I suggesting you buy tigers? No! These guys are scumbags..

But I do think you should find careers and hobbies that women are also passionate with.

Join a sand volleyball league. Become a bar-back so you work with attractive waitresses and bartenders. You’ll also meet attractive clientele.

You are limiting yourself if you are a computer programmer and your hobbies are watching football and playing Playstation 4.

2.) Dress to get attention

The Tiger King had flamboyant shiny shirts, a multi-colored mullet and piercings. The old guy with the bandana and flat-billed Oakley hat, Jeff Lowe, looked like a wannabe badass biker gang member. Did they look like douchebags to you? Probably. Were they dating out of their league? Fuck yeah! The biker dude had a hot wife that was half his age.

In the old days, a dating coach that went by the name “Mystery” called it “peacocking“. Another dating coach that went by the name “Brad P” said to dress as one of the “6 sexy stereotype that women are attracted to“.

3.) Be ambitious

I can set on my ass and type on my computer and say “these people in Tiger King are all assholes”.. but I can’t deny they are ambitious. They built parks. They train fierce animals. They shoot videos for their social media. These people worked hard.. even the manipulative people on top. They turned their dreams into reality. A lot of what they did was scummy, but I admire their drive nonetheless. Women are attracted to men who are ambitious. Men who pursue their dreams. They aren’t attracted to whiny guys who set on their ass and who are all talk.


So there you go, I got lemons and tried my best to make lemonade out of this shit show..

I do think the show capitalized on the fact that it was released during the height of this pandemic. People had nothing to do but watch Netflix. So maybe that’s something else you can take away from it. Make the best out of this pandemic. You might not be able to go out and meet new women yet. But you can study up so your ready when that time comes.

I highly recommend you get my free newsletter on men’s dating advice. It’s a great place to start if you want to become better with women, along with reading my other blogs here.

You can sign up for my free men’s dating advice newsletter at: I’ll even send you some free MP3’s of my interviews with some of the world’s best dating experts, including one with Brad P who I mentioned earlier in this blog.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

Coronavirus and Dating Advice.. The Good, The Bad, & The UGLY!

Obviously the coronavirus pandemic has put a monkey wrench in most people’s dating life..

Bars & clubs are closed.. restaurants are closed.. hooking up with a random stranger could potentially cause health issues to you and your loved ones..

In fact, condom sales are at an all time low. So don’t invest in Trojan stocks any time soon..

My advice is to lay low for now.. and then gradually get back in the swing of things as this eases up..

I think the mass media is way too down on men trying to meet and pickup girls as of lately.. but if some asshat goes out and starts aggressively approaching random girls in public during all this, they deserve to get their ass handed to them..

But what are other dating advice gurus suggesting?

Some are going along with what I’m saying..

Others are saying to go out and try to talk to girls any way, just abide to social distancing..

And some douchebags are even going as far as to use this pandemic as a marketing ploy.. creating a products on how to “get laid” during it..

I’m going to make some blog posts focusing on some of them in the next week.. so stay tuned!

It may get nasty.. so subscribe for free updates!

Until then, stay safe and make the best out of this horrible situation..

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

P.S.- You might say I’m trying to capitalize off coronavirus by making this post.. maybe.. so is every newspaper and TV station.. but I feel like I’m giving smart advice. I’m not trying to capitalize on it by telling you to go out and risk your health and that of others!