Post-Sex Text Message To Send (Use this ACTUAL TEXT)

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I’ve got something for you that you’re going to absolutely love…

It’s an actual text that you can use after a late night, a date, or sex with a girl you just met.

My boy Christian Hudson breaks it all down for you below:
. . .

Post-Sex Text by Christian Hudson

What’s so cool about texting it is that, even when you’re not spending time with her, you can be building attraction and even making things hot. So by the time you see her, it’s ON.

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#1 Scientific Way to Get a Girl Hooked on You

Here’s an article by dating expert Bobby Rio, co-author of Unlock Her Legs. In it, he busts out his lab coat and drops some serious science on you.

He explains how the human brain works, and how you can use it to your advantage to hook a girl on you. It’s a good read, so check it out. If you don’t like reading, check out his video here.


Back in the 1940s, two researchers named James Old and Peter Milner discovered how a special area of the brain is the source of our cravings.

They created a study where mice could give themselves tiny electric shocks to a small area of the brain called the nucleus accumbens.

The mice quickly became addicted to the sensation. They would even forgo food and water for it. In fact, they would run over a painful electrified grid for the opportunity to press the lever that administered the shocks.

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Gabrielle Moore Naked U REVIEW ~ SCAM or DOWNLOAD?

Gabrielle Moore Naked U is a new sex advice program by sex instructor Gabrielle Moore. Naked U promises to make any man a master in the bedroom.

In the past, many sex advice programs “simulated” the sex techniques. Girls wore lingerie and used sex toys to demonstrate. In Naked U there’s fully nude women and men demonstrated the sex techniques on video.

So does Naked U work? Or is it just pointless “adult entertainment” to fap to? Is it worth buying and downloading? Or is it an elaborate expensive scam?

I’ll answer those ?’s and more in the Gabrielle Moore Naked U Review below.

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IOI’s (Indicators Of Interest) Definition - Examples Of What They Look Like…

“IOI’s” is a pickup artist term for any sign that a girl gives that she’s interested in you. “IOI” is an acronym for “Indicators Of Interest”.

If a girl gives you IOI’s, the probability of your approach being successful is incrementally higher. So looking for IOI’s increases your odds.

So what do IOI’s look like? The girl in this video exhibits 4 of the most widely known Indicators Of Interest.

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How TV & Movies Turned Men Into PUSSIES (*This* Film Is A Prime Example…)

Everyone in society wants to laugh at the guy who is not good with women. They call them “psychopaths” and imply that they must have Asperger syndrome. TV news shows and feminist blogs rip on guys who visit “pickup artist” sites like this one. They say that we’re all “creepy” for trying to learn how to become better with women. “Why is it so HARD for these guys to meet women?”

I find this quite ironic. Why you ask? Because ever since we started wearing diapers we’ve had movies and tv shows shoved down our throats that teach us that if we’re “nice guys” who treat girls like princesses, we’ll eventually get the girl. So years later, we act like that… and it DOESN’T F**KING WORK!!! We find out everything told to us was a LIE, a fairy tale.

What happens next? We either continue to flounder, “settle”, or we seek out the truth. This site is the TRUTH. Why does society hate my site? Because society CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! Why? Because the truth is BRUTAL. Those girls who you treated like a princess used you as an emotional tampon while they banged guys who spent minutes with her compared to your hours.

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