Chris Odom AKA Lovedrop PUA of Venusian Arts is a Bitcoin Pioneer (Where Are They Now 2018?)

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I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on what happened to some of the biggest “pickup artists” of the 2000’s. Some jumped to online marketing or other niches. Some got married and had kids and left the spotlight all together. And some went into bitcomin like Chris Odom AKA Lovedrop of Venusian Arts..

Chris was involved in the Mystery Method lawsuit of the late 2000’s. Later on Mystery, Matador and him were the foundation of the new company “Venusian Arts”. He was rumored to be involved in VH1’s “The Pickup Artist” show. He wrote “Venusian Arts Revelation” and produced “Zen Of Cool“. He was the “business brains” behind Mystery.

Preview Chris Odom’s “Mystery Method” book about how to pickup girls..

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Roosh V “Game” Book REVIEW (& Amazon Ban DRAMA)

Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh) has a new book out called “Game“. If you’re not familiar with Roosh, he first started out as a pickup artist in the 2000’s.

Roosh VI first wrote about him in 2008 on this blog. I covered the release of his book Roosh V Bang. In 2009, I put him as #9 on my list of the top 10 Pickup Artists. The last I wrote of him was in 2011 where I republished an article of his about how to handle your anxiety when approaching hot girls.

Since 2011, Roosh has exited the “seduction community” and entered the “manosphere”. In my opinion, he’s basically become a feminist and liberal media shit stirring troll. He says something to trigger the feminist or liberal media.. they need a new target for content for their daily hitpiece so they can rack in more advertising dollars.. they write a rage piece about him.. he gets publicity.. and he in-return monetizes that publicity for himself. Rinse, wash, repeat.. over and over again. No matter how they try to portray each other as enemies, in reality they have a strange symbiotic relationship.

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Age is a limiting belief, unless you want to be Todd V’s Coach Assistant Intern (*HYPOCRITICAL!?*)

In the men’s dating community.. age, height, baldness, and race/ethnicity are all considered “limiting beliefs”…

A “limiting belief” is considered an excuse. No matter your age, height, amount of hair or ethnicity.. you can still get better with women and eventually develop the skills needed to date the girls you desire.

For example, Todd V is a mens dating coach who is 36 years old… but because of his skills, he has no problem dating girls in their early 20’s.. or even younger.

That’s why I find it so ironic that Todd V is asking for the “age” of anyone applying to be a coach assistant intern for his business…

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BuzzFeed’s Preachy “Introverts vs. Extroverts” Videos are Utter BULLCRAP!

A while back, a Facebook friend of mine shared this BuzzFeed video titled “Change The Way You Look At Introverts“..

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Mack Tight is BACK!!!!!

Hey guys… I’ve missed you so frickin’ much!!!

After a 1-year+ sabattical from blogging, I’m happy to say I’m back for late 2018…

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