How Brad P Gets Laid just by Wearing a “Magical” Pointless Scarf

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Here’s a quick article by Brad P, author of the Fashion Bible, on how to attract women by wearing “non-functional” fashion accessories…

Apparently, Brad likes to wear a scarf when it’s warm out. This “magical” scarf gets him laid…

How you ask? Keep reading and you’ll find out…

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How To Feel Less NERVOUS Around Hot Women…

Here’s a quick tip by Julian Foxx on how to feel less nervous around attractive women…

Also, make sure you check out Julian’s new NSFW seduction advice video. Be warned, it includes profane language and advocates using some rather controversial pickup artist techniques…


Hey guys, I’m Julian and I call this trick “Imagine that…”

It works every time, and it’s easy to do…

You can try it the next time you’re talking to a hot girl.

First of all, I want you to… imagine something SPECIFIC about her.

For example, I have red hair…

So I like to imagine that she goes absolutely crazy over redheads.

This makes me feel confident and relaxed.

Or if she is a tall blonde, you can imagine that her nickname in high school was ‘Big Bird’.

This helps me remove any ‘pedestal’ I had her on.

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Make Women Want You REVIEW ~ DISCOUNT Jason Capital System

Jason Capital’s Make Women Want You is a popular dating product. It promises to give men the attraction skills needed to get girls to chase them.

Jason Capital PUAIf you don’t know who Jason Capital PUA is, he’s the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Controversial Seduction Expert”. He’s high energy. He uses the word “fucking” a lot. He likes to slap his hands together. He tells it how it is and pulls no punches.

Before I get into the Make Women Want You review, I suggest you open this video presentation about the program in another browser tab. Listen to it as you read my review. This will help you understand some of the stuff I reference to later.

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Hayley Quinn: Good Vs CREEPY Ways to APPROACH Girls

Hayley Quinn is a female dating instructor who Ross Jeffries seems to be going ape shit over lately.

Maybe it’s because her name is just one letter off from his favorite comic book villain wet dream, HaRley Quinn.

I kid. Actually, good ol’ Ross seems to ass kiss any attractive female dating coach who hops on the scene.

I digress. Any way, here’s a video of Harley Quinn… I mean Hayley Quinn… talking about how guys creep girls out when they approach and pursue them:

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SNL “Flirting” Skit MOCKS Chick Flicks & Awkward Nice Guys

Here’s a quick Saturday Night Live skit called “Flirty”. It’s about “two neighbors struggle to find the right words to tell each other how they feel.”

It starts off slow with a “chick flick” vibe, but has a harsh “reality check” at the end:

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