If A Girl Doesn’t Date You Because Of Your Race, Is She Racist?

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In this article I cover racial dating preferences. It’s a sensitive topic, but I think it’s also important to discuss. Please leave a comment below with your opinions after reading it. Do you agree with me or disagree?


This past weekend I was hanging with some friends.. like normal, I couldn’t contain myself and steered the conversation towards dating and relationships..

The problem with this topic is that I’m super passionate and opinionated about it.. More about that later.. The other problem is that you never know what is going to upset people…

A month ago I upset a female friend by saying that I assume most women I date over the age of 28 already have children. I personally think that’s a very logical assertion and data seems to back it

But data means nothing when it reminds a 37-year old woman with no children who wants children that she’s already roughly 10 years late to the party. Telling her that theory is like twisting a rusty knife in her already gaping “maternal clock” wound…

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GASP!!! Diet Coke Napkins Suggest Airplane Passengers FLIRT!! #ButtHurtBrigade

Diet Coke sponsored napkins on Delta flights. The napkins suggested people write their name and phone number on it and give it to someone they are attracted to. Sounds innocent enough, right?

Cue the #ButtHurtBrigade..



People complained that it was “creepy”…

Apparently the same people who clog your social media feed with memes about how things were so much greater “back in the day”…

…are the same people who find napkins “creepy” for suggesting you use them to exchange names and numbers with people you are attracted to…

..just like you used to do BACK IN THE DAY!!

The solution is obvious.. grab your iPhone XR and take a picture of the napkin and whine about it on Twitter…

Gunwitch PUA (Allen Reyes) UPDATE November 2018 - Shooting Incident Aftermath

Gunwitch Allen ReyesBack in 2011, Allen “Gunwitch” Reyes shot a woman in the face at a New Years Eve party. Gunwitch later coped a plea bargain to a felony weapons charge in order to get the more severe charges dropped. To my knowledge he hasn’t talked about the incident publicly since then. That was until this year…

Gunwitch is a pickup artist (”PUA”) who was involved in the early years of the seduction community. His real name is Allen Reyes. He created a method for seducing women called the “Gunwitch Method“.

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Gabrielle Moore NAKED U Boobgasm Edition REVIEW - Naked University 6

Gabrielle Moore is a sex expert with a new edition of her “Naked University” program called Naked U Boobgasm Edition. This is the 6th edition of her “Naked U”. In it, she teaches guys how to use breast foreplay to make a girl orgasm.

You can watch her video about it here.

Is Gabrielle Moore Naked U Boobgasms a scam? Is it worth getting?

Here’s my quick Gabrielle Moore Naked U Boobgasm Edition review.

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Chris Odom AKA Lovedrop PUA of Venusian Arts is a Bitcoin Pioneer (Where Are They Now 2018?)

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on what happened to some of the biggest “pickup artists” of the 2000’s. Some jumped to online marketing or other niches. Some got married and had kids and left the spotlight all together. And some went into bitcomin like Chris Odom AKA Lovedrop of Venusian Arts..

Chris was involved in the Mystery Method lawsuit of the late 2000’s. Later on Mystery, Matador and him were the foundation of the new company “Venusian Arts”. He was rumored to be involved in VH1’s “The Pickup Artist” show. He wrote “Venusian Arts Revelation” and produced “Zen Of Cool“. He was the “business brains” behind Mystery.

Preview Chris Odom’s “Mystery Method” book about how to pickup girls..

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