Death to the “Pixie Cut” (They SUCK!)

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I’m glad to see the “pixie cut” is slowly dying… because it is absolutely HIDEOUS!

Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have made the short hair style popular. Their publicists and hair stylists should all be fired.

I’ve seen fashion magazines and female-friendly blogs outright lie to their readers by saying pixie cuts are “cute” and “adorbs”.

Pixie cuts SUCKREALLY?!?

I guess they are “adorbs” just as a giant pile of steaming shit is “adorbs”…

Sure.. if you are a woman and reading this, you’re probably thinking “this Mack Tight guy is a misogynistic asshole, why would I care what he thinks!”…

Well, let me give you irrefutable evidence that pixie cuts are lame, by bombarding you with “Disney logic”.

Every girl loves Disney animated movies. Hell, most guys love them too.

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Short Guy Dresses As Leprechaun & Kisses Random Girls

Last St. Patrick’s Day, pickup artist Boris Gotz AKA “Cupid Shmupid” wore a giant leprechaun hat and approached girls. He’s short, only 5′2″ tall.

He tried his damnedest to kiss the women. Did he succeed?

Here’s the result:

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The Player’s Paradigm Review - READ BEFORE YOU BUY IT!

The Player’s Paradigm report is a new dating advice program by Bobby Rio’s “Make Small Talk Sexy Presents”.

This program focuses on giving men “the player’s mindset” to become successful with women.

So does the Player’s Paradigm work? Is it worth buying and downloading?

I’ll answer those questions and more in this The Player’s Paradigm Review.

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This REAL Average Penis Size, Length & Girth will SURPRISE You!

Women are often insecure about their breast size. But breast augmentation is fairly common.

Men are insecure about their penis size. But there’s not much proven that can be done to make it longer.

That’s why there’s a cottage industry of penis pills, penis stretchers, penis creams, etc.

Guys are so worried about their cock length that doctors’ have created a new term, “short penis anxiety”.

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David Wygant on Understanding Female Emotions And Psychology

It’s time again for your weekly dose of dating expert David Wygant. This video is titled “Understanding Female Emotions And Psychology”.

His description is: “You’ve heard it a thousand times: women are emotional messes. Relating to them is all about understanding exactly how emotional they are, and how you react is critical. Here’s a great tip you can use today to spark some interest and attraction while you’re out.”

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