Did Jimmy Fallon FUCK Nicole Kidman? (The Answer Will SHOCK You!)

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Was Jimmy Fallon a pickup artist before he was married? Was he a womanizer and smooth with the ladies like his buddy Justin Timberlake?

Nicole Kidman might have given us a hint to the truth when she recently appeared on The Tonight Show. She described her previous “encounter” with host Jimmy Fallon during his earlier Saturday Night Live days.

Apparently, she thought he was cute and was interested in possibly dating him. (I think she really wanted to fuck him.)

A mutual friend took her to his place, and guess what happened. Did Jimmy seduce Nicole? She wanted him, and was putting it on the table for him. Did he FUCK her brains out?

I think this picture spoils the answer.

jimmy fallon dating nicole kidman

NO! According to her, he seemed uptight, evasive and uninterested. In fact, he ignored her and started playing video games. She became bored and left thinking that he was possibly gay.

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How To Overcome the “Victim Mentality”

Are you a victim of the “Victim Mentality”?

Can you not get laid because you are too short? Too tall? Too bald? Too old? Not rich?

I get guys contacting me all the time with questions like “isn’t it true that women prefer tall guys?”

I used to spend a half hour writing a decisive reply destroying their ploy for playing the “victim card”.

I don’t do that any more, because they will find another reason that they are a victim. “Ok, you’re right, short guys like me still get laid. But I’m a poor college student. Isn’t it true girls want rich dudes?”

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Use *THIS* Easy Icebreaker To Talk To ANY Woman (ABSURDLY Simple!)

Do you have problems breaking the ice with hot girls in the store? What should you say first to get the conversation going?

In this quick article, dating expert Vin DiCarlo gives you a simple icebreaker you can use the next time you’re out shopping.

Meeting women wherever you go isn’t hard at all, as long as you know how to put icebreakers to use.

vin dicarlo sexual selection switch pua woodhavenHave you ever seen a girl in public and got goosebumps?

No, she didn’t scare you to death, but her face was so damn gorgeous or her ass was so epically round that you just HAD to talk to her.

You know what I’m talking about – that chick whose image stays in your mind for the rest of the day.

That chick you WISH you had spoken to, but DIDN’T.

You simply didn’t know what to say, and it felt HELPLESS.

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Post-Sex Text Message To Send (Use this ACTUAL TEXT)

I’ve got something for you that you’re going to absolutely love…

It’s an actual text that you can use after a late night, a date, or sex with a girl you just met.

My boy Christian Hudson breaks it all down for you below:
. . .

Post-Sex Text by Christian Hudson

What’s so cool about texting it is that, even when you’re not spending time with her, you can be building attraction and even making things hot. So by the time you see her, it’s ON.

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#1 Scientific Way to Get a Girl Hooked on You

Here’s an article by dating expert Bobby Rio, co-author of Unlock Her Legs. In it, he busts out his lab coat and drops some serious science on you.

He explains how the human brain works, and how you can use it to your advantage to hook a girl on you. It’s a good read, so check it out. If you don’t like reading, check out his video here.


Back in the 1940s, two researchers named James Old and Peter Milner discovered how a special area of the brain is the source of our cravings.

They created a study where mice could give themselves tiny electric shocks to a small area of the brain called the nucleus accumbens.

The mice quickly became addicted to the sensation. They would even forgo food and water for it. In fact, they would run over a painful electrified grid for the opportunity to press the lever that administered the shocks.

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