3 Dating Tips I Learned From Watching “Tiger King” on Netflix

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I watched the Netflix docu-series “Tiger King” and I thought it was trash..

Tiger King DatingI kept waiting for them to introduce a person that I could cheer for..

But they all ended up being total scumbags..

Not all was lost, because there were certain dynamics in the show that got me thinking..

So here’s my 3 things I learned from watching Tiger King that relates to dating..

1.) Find a passion that women are also passionate about

The two main guys used their passion for tigers to attract people they were attracted to. Joe Exotic was gay, so he got young guys who loved tigers. Bhagavan Antle aka “Doc Antle” used it to attract young hot girls. He dated them and tried to convince them to get breast implants.

So am I suggesting you buy tigers? No! These guys are scumbags..

But I do think you should find careers and hobbies that women are also passionate with.

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Coronavirus and Dating Advice.. The Good, The Bad, & The UGLY!

Obviously the coronavirus pandemic has put a monkey wrench in most people’s dating life..

Bars & clubs are closed.. restaurants are closed.. hooking up with a random stranger could potentially cause health issues to you and your loved ones..

In fact, condom sales are at an all time low. So don’t invest in Trojan stocks any time soon..

My advice is to lay low for now.. and then gradually get back in the swing of things as this eases up..

I think the mass media is way too down on men trying to meet and pickup girls as of lately.. but if some asshat goes out and starts aggressively approaching random girls in public during all this, they deserve to get their ass handed to them..

But what are other dating advice gurus suggesting?

Some are going along with what I’m saying..

Others are saying to go out and try to talk to girls any way, just abide to social distancing..

And some douchebags are even going as far as to use this pandemic as a marketing ploy.. creating a products on how to “get laid” during it..

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You Can’t Change Others, You Can Only Change Yourself

I’m so sick of whining men..

They want to tell me how they are “forced into loneliness”..

They are “involuntarily celebate”..

They’ve “taken the red pill”..

They are “going their own way”..

No matter what they label themselves, it seems to always come down to them bitching about women, society, etc..

They demand that the world changes for them..

NEWSFLASH… it ain’t gonna happen!

No one’s lining up outside your house eagerly hoping to get past the red velvet rope to enter your pitty party..

I’m not trying to devalue your situation..

I agree with many of your assertions..

I just don’t think the rest of society today cares about the plight of the heterosexual man..

Your time is better spent evaluating how things are.. and then determining what YOU can change in yourself to take advantage of the current situation..

It’s not easy changing yourself..

It’s much easier blaming others and demanding they change..

Life is about constantly evaluating how things are changing around you.. and then figuring out how to change yourself to adapt..

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RSD Julien Blanc Got Married

Wow, Real Social Dynamics is in a real transition lately…

They deleted their RSDNation message boards months ago…

And now they are deleting videos, distanced themselves from “men’s dating advice”, and eliminating the uniform “RSD” titles from all their YouTube and social media accounts…

Amongst all this, Julien Blanc got married… Yes, THAT Julien Blanc!

Remember “RSD Julien”? The guy who seemed jealous of RSD Jeffy AKA Jeff Allen AKA JLAIX’s whole “van” drama with Jezebel.. so he wanted to create his own…

Well, he got what he was looking for a few years back. Remember the whole Julien Blanc “shoving Japanese girls’s in his crotch” kerfuffle of 2014? How about the cringe-inducing CNN Chris Cuomo “apology”?

After that, Julien layed low for some time. Then they distanced him from “RSD” by having him give more general self-help advice rather than “pickup artist advice”. His new YouTube channel was called “JulienHimself”.

Meanwhile, RSD Tyler AKA Owen Cook seemed to play the victim card when speaking about the media’s handling of it all.. even though his employee was seemingly asking for a fight. It would be like talking shit to Conor McGregor over social media and then whining after he punches you in the face when you finally meet in-person. I fucking loathe the media, but I also loathe people in the dating industry who seemingly do obnoxious shit to get attention.. and then try to play the victim card afterwards. They are a big part of why the whole “male dating advice industry” gets a bad rap.

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Bill Burr Claims Male Feminists Are Pathetic, Limp Dicks Trying To Get Pussy in His New Netflix “Paper Tiger” Special

Netflix creates some of the most polictically correct shows and movies there are. Then they put out stand-up specials where popular comedians rip on polictically correct culture. It’s kind of f*cked up if you ask me.

Netflix’s most recent comedy special is Bill Burr’s “Paper Tiger”. This comes just weeks after their last conroversial Dave Chappelle “Sticks and Stones” comedy special.

“Paper Tiger” dropped early this morning. I haven’t had a chance to watch it. But some quotes from it are already making waves on Twitter. Here’s one about male feminists.

“Anytime I hear a guy say ‘I’m a male feminist’, I always just think,’ that is the most pathetic, limp-dick way ever to try and get some pussy’. Right?”

I’m guessing his assertion is that the majority of male feminists are such for “ulterior motives”. They’re not doing it primarily because they feel that women are not proportionately represented. They are doing it because they think it will get them “points” from women.

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