007 Lifestyle: Living Like James Bond by Derek Johanson

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Derek Johanson has come out with a new program called “007 Lifestyle: Living Like James Bond“…

He claims if you get it, “You Will Learn To Live, Play, & Seduce Women Like James Bond. You’ll Put To Use The Exact Steps Needed To Have This Amazing Lifestyle.”

007 Lifestyle: Living Like James BondThe program is broken down into “Mission” books that target specific areas, including…

* The Style & Image Guide
* Lethal Seduction Techniques
* Money, Wealth, & Exotic Travel
* The Bond Body - 8 Week Training Program
* Casino Gambling Tells

Get it before the Ian Fleming Estate sic their lawyers on Derek’s ass for trademark infringement!

Here’s the link to visit the Aston Martin-emblazoned sales page…

This product gave me an idea!!!

I’ll be coming out with the “Kanye West Lifestyle: Living Like A Tacky Insufferable Asshole” program later this week…

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