10 Things I Hate About the Seduction Community

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Every few months my annoyance level hits its boiling point and I have to take a temporary vacation from the seduction community.

Here’s just a few of the recent things that have been annoying me:

1. Gurus who beat you over the head with how supposedly “NATURAL” their product is

2. Fake guru beef and controversy to drum up interest for their upcoming products/seminars

3. Gurus who talk shit about “cheesy” pickup-related acronyms but then use shit like “LOL” in their writing

4. Any guru who talks “tough” in their products and in interviews but then talks like a pixie-dust slinging homosexual when infield

5. Gurus who put a trademark symbol after the name of their site, alias and product names

6. Gurus who put quotation marks around the word “gurus” every time they use it

7. Gurus who won’t shut the fuck up about how much “value” they supposedly “give”

8. Gurus who put dopey smiley faces in their writing like : - )

9. Marketers

10. Gurus who claim they aren’t a “pickup artist” and talk shit about them BUT teach the SAME pickup material and align themselves with “PUAs” whenever it is strategic.

There you go guys…

I plan on dwelling on some of these in greater detail in the near future.

Until then, I hope I brought incredible NATURAL valueâ„¢ with this that all those creepy Poo-ah “gurus” couldn’t : - ) LOL!!!

It’s casual,
Mack Tight

P.S. The Lakers annoy me!

P.P.S. People who drive a Prius annoy me!

P.P.P.S. People who use excessive postscripts annoy me!

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  • Bobby Rio
    June 8th, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Mehow anyone?

  • gigi
    June 13th, 2009 at 9:50 am

    you forgot another major one -

    gurus that use the new ‘fake honesty’ tactic, e.g. “i know you’re sick of all the gurus out there bombarding you with hype, and i’m not going to do so myself, but my new product will really really help you”

    or the ‘fake friendship’ tactic, e.g. “hey, i’m not a guru, i was once exactly like you, bro, but i’ve solved my problems and now all i want to do is help you solve yours”

  • MNugget
    June 15th, 2009 at 11:21 pm

    I totally agree. Especially the ones who just do this for the money and recycle everything. HARRRRR. Hate those.

  • Stephen Nash
    June 16th, 2009 at 9:20 am

    The Natural thing is really irritating. Who are these “gurus” anyway?

    A toast for the haters!


  • Mack Tight
    June 16th, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    No matter what happens, you’ll always be peacockin’ Playboy in my heart… keep that in mind on those cloudy days!

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