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Jon Sinn’s biggest & best program for helping guys get better with women is his 12 Months to Mastery program

It’s an intensive, personal program that sticks with you for the full course of the year… not just a fleeting weekend like most bootcamps…

It continuously addresses the issues that arise as you gradually get more successful…

It’s like the Betty Ford Center for pickup… the BEST pickup guru in the world holding your hand until you get better with women…

So why hasn’t EVERYONE joined the 12 Months To Mastery program then?

There was TWO main issues….

1. It was VERY Expensive ($7000!)
2. There was Only Room For 3 Students At A Time

Jon Sinn’s Solution

Well… Jon Sinn has resolved these issues by creating a 12 Months to Mastery Online At Home Training Program

Now you can get much of the same help, at home, for a FRACTION of the cost!


If you have problems staying focused and motivated like I do… this is DEFINITELY the program for you!

Want to know more about 12 Months To Mastery?

Jon Sinn has just put up a highly controversial video called “The Unspoken Secret To Sleeping With Beautiful Women”…

It reveals the problems with most pickup programs and how 12 Months To Mastery fixes those issues…


Here’s more details from Jon Sinn himself…

I just put up a very controversial new video that
explains why some guys struggle for years
despite doing exactly what the “experts” are
telling them to do.

You can watch the video here:

The Truth (VIDEO)

In it you’ll discover:

* The truth about sleeping with beautiful women
that no other guru will dare tell you!

* The 4 things you MUST do in order to get the
results with women that you want!

* My “brain dead” simple process for becoming successful
with women that works every single time!

* Why some guys who go out consistently still can’t
get laid to save their lives and how to make sure
this doesn’t happen to you!

* And much more!

Please watch the video now while it’s still

The Truth (VIDEO)


Jon Sinn

P.S. Due to the controversial nature of this video,
I’m probably going to have to take it down soon.

Find out why here:

The Truth (VIDEO)

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