12 Pickup Products for Under $40

I recently got a suggestion to make a post listing some pickup products that are relatively cheap in price. I think it was a great idea and is particularly timely based on the current state of the economy and the seduction community.

Some complain that the recent rapid influx of new gurus and products has caused supersaturation and consumer confusion.

I instead chose to look on the bright side. While the gurus are bickering and clawing for market share; we consumers are reaping the rewards with cheaper introductory products and more free bonuses all in hopes to get our business in a crowded market.

Here is a list of twelve dating products from all areas for under $40 each:


Double Your Dating1. Double Your Dating - David DeAngelo

If you don’t know who David DeAngelo is you should definitely get Double Your Dating. It is a classic.

It comes with 3 bonus ebooks, a free Interviews With Dating Gurus starter kit with two double interview and one free month of his Interviews With Dating Guru monthly series.

David teaches being cocky and funny along with changing your attitudes and the way you act. He also is known for introducing new gurus to the masses.

For me, David’s material brought the most change in me of any guru’s.

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Date to Win4. Date To Win - David Wygant

If you are a virgin to the scene and don’t know if you can “handle” the seduction community and instead want to learn from a “dating coach” whose advise appears on the likes of the John Tesh Radio Show, I recommend you get David Wygant’s Date to Win ebook.

It comes with six bonuses: the Meet Someone Today ebook and five MP3 audio programs.

Once you read Foz’s ebooks it is inevitably that you will want to graduate to the seduction community where you can buy any of the other eleven products in this list.

You can check out my more thorough Date To Win Review or click here to get Date to Win…


Bang3. Bang! - Roosh V

Roosh Bang is written by Roosh Valizadeh. He is a relative newcomer to the scene but his Bang! book has created quite the splash lately.

Roosh is well known for traveling around the world with only one pair of jeans while still meeting and picking up worldly women.

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How to get a girlfriend8. How To Get A Girlfriend - Stephen Nash

Stephen Nash was PlayboyLA in The Game. This is his main ebook where he teaches his natural game approach to getting women.

The How To Get A Girlfriend ebook comes with three free bonus ebooks: “CEIC’s 25 Points For Great Grooming & Style”, “Making Your Move With Women” and “The Top 10 Musts For Every Bachelor Pad”.

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The Attraction Code10. The Attraction Code - Vin DiCarlo

The Attraction Code is a popular Vin DiCarlo ebook package that teaches attraction from a natural game point of view. The ebook comes with 5 bonus ebooks and a free month of his Mastermind subscription program.

* My The Attraction Code Review and Mastermind Review

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Art of Approaching11. The Art of Approaching - Thundercat

Thundercat’s Art of Approaching ebook is about how to approach women just sneaks under the bar by a nickel. It comes with three bonus ebooks.

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Hidden Mic Pickups2. Hidden Mic Pickups Escalation and Openers Starter Package - Christian Hudson

Christian Hudson offers the starter package to his Hidden Mic Pickups program at a great price. It includes hidden audio and lessons on escalation and openers. It is a great deal for a solid audio program.

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Attraction Formula7. Attraction Formula - Paul Janka

Paul Janka’s book has been popular as of lately based on his recent media buzz. He has also followed the book up with a new 6 CD Day Game program.

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Conquer Your Campus9. Conquer Your Campus - Mark Redman / Christian Hudson

This is the popular ebook for college students by Christian Hudson and Mark Redman. It teaches how to create social networks in order to get women. If you are in college or are going to college soon, check Conquer Your Campus out.

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There they are in no particular order. If you have any more suggestions, leave a comment with them.