Get the new 2 Girls Teach Sex book for $1!

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Shawna Lenee at 2 Girls Teach Sex has just released a new book…

2 Girls Teach Sex BookIt’s 173-pages long and full of sex advice with pictures and diagrams demonstrating it all…

And the biggest surprise about it isn’t the graphic sex tips… it’s the PRICE…

Get the book for $1…

So what’s the catch..? Is this a SCAM..?

The book is truly $1… no rebills or any of that B.S…

Why so low?

They’re hoping you like it enough to buy other more expensive products from them later… like their 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD

I’m sure many will be tempted to see video of hot girls demonstrating the positions rather than just cartoon pictures…

But for only $1, you really can’t go wrong with this…

In fact, they even have a guarantee… if you don’t like the ebook, you can get your buck back…

Sounds like a good deal to me…

But it’s only available at this low price for a short time, then it’s supposedly going up to $29.95…

Download the ebook instantly for $1…

Here’s more info on it from Shawna herself…

For the last 6 months, I’ve been working on a
special 2 Girls Teach Sex book that I’m gonna
sell in bookstores!

I went ahead and wrote up ALL of my favorite
sex techniques… got an AMAZING animator
to make pictures and diagrams… and by the
time I was done it was 173 pages long!!

This book contains all of my classic techniques

-Giving your girl foreplay that makes her
DRIPPING wet for you!

-Positions that make her cum… every time!

-Ways to give MULTIPLE orgasms…
continuous orgasms… and make her
ENTIRE BODY shake with pleasure!

-and much, MUCH more… including 7
BRAND NEW techniques I’ve never shared
anywhere else!

When it goes in stores, this book is gonna
sell for $29.95… but… I’ve decided to do
something a little crazy…

I’m Giving It Away For Just A Buck!

Yep, you read that right. One dollar. It’s
my way of thanking you for your support =)

Go here to get the book now!

You’re gonna love it



P.S. I’m probably gonna take this page
down shortly so grab your copy NOW!
It really is only a buck!! =)

Get the new 2 Girls Teach Sex book for $1

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