2 Situations Where Cocky And Funny Lines Do NOT Work

Scott Valdez is the creator of the Click Magnet Dating System and has been using online dating to set up dates for hundreds of high-paying clients for several years…

Here’s an article by him about how David Deangelo’s “Cocky and Funny” concept might not work with certain women and situations…


Situations Where “Cocky And Funny” Lines Do NOT Work
by Scott Valdez

At Click Magnet Dating, we’re kind of like online dating Myth Busters.

Today, we’ve brought some hard data along, and we’re about the bust some online dating myths…

The Myth: Does Cocky And Funny Work Online?

Okay, here’s a pop quiz:

You meet a hot woman online — Dawn from HR.

She’s 35.

So how do you flirt with her?

Download a copy of whichever “fail proof,” “guaranteed” attraction-building “system” has managed to claw its way to the top of Google’s search results, and you’re apt to find the same one-size-fits-all approach:

Tease her.

Hide your flattery in playful criticism.

Be prickish and funny at the same time.

This stuff is the bread and butter of the dating advice business. And we’ll be the first to say it’s not bad advice. In general, teasing WORKS

(so long as it’s playful and never cruel).

It works because it frames you as the selector and forces her to fight for your approval.

But cocky, funny and challenging approaches do NOT work on all segments of the female population. And I’m willing to bet they won’t work on Dawn.


Because she’s 35.

When it comes to online dating, women in their late 30s require a different strategy than women in their early 20s.

A C&F remark about Dawn’s hair will likely just make her feel bad. This is especially true if an older girl is tongue-rolling-onto-the-ground attractive.

Now I’m not just making a claim here…

I’m stating a fact.

And before you start getting all skeptical on me, let’s look at the data that backs this up:

In a recent analysis of several thousand messages, we found that a playfully cocky approach was almost twice as effective on women in their 20s.

Thirtysomethings, on the other hand, responded much better to as a nicer, more interested approach.

Convinced yet?

We weren’t….

In a follow-up experiment we went as far as to send the same customizable email to over four thousand different women between the ages of 18 and 48.

Our email was thoughtful (over 150 words long), expressed genuine interest, and drew commonalities while also projecting self-assurance.

In other words we used a typical nice and interested approach but we injected it with a lot of confidence and communicated some other qualities that women find sexy as well (i.e. humor, ambition, spontaneity, etc.).

Now this same template email, after being quickly customized in three different spots for each woman (so she wouldn’t realize it was a template), got a 9.7% response rate from women in their 20s, a 20.5% response rate from women in their 30s, and a 50.3% response rate from women 40 and up.

Pretty stark contrast.

So why do older women prefer nicer men?

Short answer: They have to.

The long answer: Older women still want a confident, cool and sexy man, but they also want to know that he’s definitely into them and not just looking for a quick lay. They want someone who’s dependable and straightforward from the get go.

Unfortunately, this means ruling out many highly desirable alphas who will simply never give them the assurance they need. But your average thirtysomething is probably more interested in Hagen-Daz with some Hugh Grant or Richard Gere type figure

…and that’s where you can step in.

Now let’s be clear here, I am not going to teach you to act like a wuss.

…and I’m not saying to never use Cocky and Funny.

I’m just saying that it we’ve come to a point were “one size fits all” isn’t good enough anymore.

You know this! I’ve heard guys in the seduction community refer to it as “calibration”…

It pays to be confident, strong, sincere and dependable.

…and to know when not to make arrogant statements about an older woman’s outfit

…and know when to flatter her with a well-timed compliment.

In short, know your target demographic.

And that’s what some online dating “gurus” out there don’t seem to understand. No one teaches you how important it is to profile and communicate with your target market.

If you don’t do this and follow the wrong advice, you will lose the online dating game.

A long, thoughtful email that demonstrates the qualities of a good provider, and also paints some other universally attractive qualities like wit and a sense of adventure, will certainly work for him.

But it won’t work for everyone.

I can teach you every angle because my company works every angle. My program will show you a lot of great cocky and humorous approaches, as well as some killer confident and interested ones.

Knowing when to compliment and when to yank her chain is just one of the skills you’ll develop as you grow to master the art of online dating. But being aware of the hard facts about age and response rate will give you a HUGE head start.

To get even more of a leg up on the competition, go watch my free video right now. It’ll teach you the secrets to getting 40+ hot girls messaging you per week without lifting a finger. It’s a totally passive way to meet women, you’re optimized profile does all the work. My free video shows you how to set this all up in minutes.

Well, that’s all the time I can take up for today, but I’m looking forward to continuing this conversation with you soon…

Scott Valdez