2 Words To Say To Girls To Get Laid Regularly

Here’s a quick video from dating expert Jason Capital, author of Make Women Want You and 77 Ways To Make Her Want To F@#k You.

His title for it is “2 WORDS Every Guy Who Gets LAID A Lot Uses Regularly”:

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For f*ck sake dude, keep your damn iPhone horizontal when filming. Other than the shitty aspect ratio, this is some solid content.

I use his two suggested words regularly. Saying them to a girl displays confidence. She knows you’ve got more balls than 90% of the chumps around.

You are giving her a command that she needs to comply with or ignore. If she complies, she’s already jumping through your hoops rather than vice versa. That sets the right frame and precedence from the get go.

Want more? Here’s an even better video from Jason, where he reveals his “honey trick” to make any woman want you.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight