3 Places To Meet Women During The Summer

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I get a bit depressed when finals are over and the college year comes to an end. I have this picture in my mind that all the hot college girls are leaving my city for the summer. That’s not really the case.

The girls are still there, they just go to different places. Instead of finding them around campus, at college sporting events and the local bars… you’ll find them elsewhere.

Here’s 3 great places to meet and pickup women during the summer:

1.) Beach

Hot girls congregate where there’s water during the summer. Go to a beach, hotel swimming pool or go tubing. It’s a highly sexual environment, everyone’s half naked already. Ask around and you’ll find the popular place for young people to party at in your area.

2.) Festivals

Warm weather + live music + alcohol = a great place to pickup girls. There’s typically at least one big festival or fair every weekend in most areas. I recommend camping nearby if possible. It makes logistics much more easier for hooking up.

hot music festival girls

If you have to resort to going out to a bar, go to one with an outside tiki bar or patio.

3.) Parks

You’ll find fit girls who jog and walk in parks. I also see them playing sports like tennis. Go talk to them. Go hit on a soccer mom watching her kid play. I prefer parks with a lot of available activities.

Those are 3 places where you can find women during the summer…

Now go out there and find your summer love… or your summer one night stand ;-)

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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