3 Reasons Why She Didn’t Call You Back!

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Here’s a quick video by Lev Yilmaz where he overly psycho analyzes why a girl didn’t call him back…

While you watch it, ask yourself if he’s exhibiting “alpha male” behavior:

This video does a good job of demonstrating how low value men without options think…

This guy is all in his head about why a girl didn’t call him when she said she would. It’s pathetic!

My only problem is the “chick flick” ending… in real-life, the girl would NEVER call this neurotic loser…

So if a girl doesn’t call you back, what happened?

Here’s my 3 theories:

1) She forgot

2) She doesn’t want to talk to you

3) Something more important came up

(which either means you’re high value and there’s an emergency or you’re low value and a rerun of Sex In The City trumps calling you)

So what’s the solution if this happens to you?

Have options! Don’t set around the phone like a chump anxiously waiting for her call.

Don’t take it personal! Attractive girls can often be flaky even with high value males.

Wait a while and then text her. Don’t get all pissy or angry. In fact, don’t mention anything about her not calling you when she was supposed to. Text her about something different.

If she doesn’t respond to that, then either she sucks and you shouldn’t waste your time with her… or else you f**ked up with her and you need to move on.

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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