3 Things to Avoid Doing on the Dance Floor

Here’s a quick article by DRH, author of How To Pick Up Women On The Dance Floor

Here are my top 3 things to avoid doing on the dance floor.

#1. Not dancing and waiting for something to happen

If you don’t want to dance or are tired, leave the dance floor and
come back later. Dance floor game can be tiring so make sure not to
arrive too early. From my own experience around 00:30 is the best

#2. Staring at girls and waiting behind them

It’s the worst thing to do after not dancing. The longer you wait
behind a girl hoping to grind with her the less value you have in
her eyes.

#3. Not smiling and looking bored

For god sake enjoy yourself! :) A guy on the dance floor who look
bored is very unattractive.

The next time you are on the dance floor pay attention and correct
theses mistakes.

With love

The Dance Floor Game Expert

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