3 Traits of ATTRACTIVE Halloween Costumes for Men

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It’s getting to be mid-October… time to start
thinking about your Halloween costume…

Certain costumes will help get you laid…

While others will get you ignored by the ladies…

The key is to get a costume that FLATTERS and
makes you look SEXY & ATTRACTIVE to women…

You see, women *UNDERSTAND* Halloween…

It’s an opportunity for them to dress super sexy
& slutty and not be *JUDGED*…

You need to take the SAME approach…

When picking out a costume, you should ask yourself
these 3 questions…

1.) Does it make me look sexy or GOOFY?

2.) Does it hinder my face & body or ENHANCE it?

3.) Will it stand out & invite interaction?

For example, take a costume like Where’s Waldo

It fails at question #1 because it makes you
look DORKY!

What kind of girl would want to sleep with WALDO?

Next, the nerdy black-rimmed glasses HINDER your

I try to stay away from masks that cover your face
and costumes that are generally unflattering…

Finally, you *WILL* get some fleeting comments
dressed as Waldo…

…but there is not a whole lot of material & sayings
for you to work with…

A costume should invite playful banter with women…
where you can tease each other back-and-forth while
being in character…

So now we know what costumes to NOT be… what are
some *GOOD* costumes?

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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is similar to finding a “sexy stereotype” for your
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