5 Dating Tips for Men by David Deangelo

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Here’s 5 quick dating tips for men by David Deangelo

1) A woman will behave differently according to
her MOOD.

If she’s happy when she’s with you, then
she might act like she’s enjoying herself. If you
call the next day and she’s depressed because she
still has no self-esteem, then she’s probably not
going to call you.

2) ATTRACTION is the key.

You must realize that if you dial up the attraction
by creating Sexual Tension, etc. then you’ll have
a much stronger chance of seeing her again.

3) Don’t chase.

When you talk to her again, make sure you don’t
communicate that you NEED anything… especially
attention or approval.

4) Lose the need to have every woman like you.

One big weakness that most men have is a woman who
won’t call back. But remember, women are the same

5) You always have options.

When you know how to meet women anytime you want,
then it doesn’t matter what happens in a particular situation.
And if it doesn’t matter, women can SENSE it. This is
a VERY attractive quality.

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