5 Quotes By My Dad That I Apply To My Daily Life

My dad is no Charlie Sheen, but he does have a few catchy quotes…

As I grew up, I began using those same quotes for the foundation of my success with women and life in general…

Here’s his 5 most memorable and inspirational quotes:

1.) “Don’t burn bridges.”

Your pride and ego are often your enemy. I see so many guys limit their long term options just to achieve a couple minutes of meaningless self satisfaction.

The key is to run your options through an internal “risk vs. reward” calibration before taking action. If the risk is greater than the reward, DON’T DO IT! Swallow your pride and keep your eyes on the prize.

2.) “Stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

My dad always said this to me when I cried prior to being punished. Back then, it just made me cry more. But today, it motivates me.

It means you should not beat yourself up over your mistakes and learn from them. Stay positive and take your lickings like a man when you know you have them coming.

For example, say you do a shitty job trying to pickup a girl. If she tells you to fuck off and then goes home with another guy… get over it, learn from the mistakes you made and go hit on another girl. No one wants to be around a one-man pity party.

Omega males seek pity and sympathy, and it just leads to a loss of attraction and respect.

3.) “Don’t wish your life away.”

Don’t ever wish away time. I often here people say “if I can get through these next two days, this weekend is going to be awesome.” Even if you are busy or stressed right now, make a point to enjoy it and take advantage of it.

Whatever you’re putting off for tomorrow, do TODAY. Life is too short.

4.) “Before you marry a woman, make sure you are compatible with her.”

Marriage is a major commitment. Too many men rush into it due to societal pressures or the fear of being “alone”. Jumping into marriage may workout… but often it ends in bitter divorces, financial ruins and children stuck in the middle.

My dad said this quote to me whenever my mom “denied” him the night before. So I will add, you should make sure your future wife is “sexually compatible” with you ;) If you aren’t getting laid enough while you’re dating, don’t expect it to increase when you put a ring on her finger.

5.) “Every man has his price.”

Everybody can be bought off. Some guys will do it for pennies, others it will take millions. Similarly, each person has a cheating “moral level”. Some girls will cheat on you with any loser that walks by… other girls would ONLY cheat if it’s a life or death situation. I wrote about this more in my article how to keep your girlfriend from cheating.

So there you go, 5 quotes from my dad that I live my life by… and you should too!

It’s casual,

Mack Tight