50 Cent Gets Da-Duh-Da-Du-Deeeeenied By Erin Andrews (VIDEO)

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This is hilarious!

50 Cent, the self-proclaimed P.I.M.P…. went in for a kiss on Erin Andrews at the Daytona 500…

Not only did he get “the cheek”… he also ended up tagging behind her like a lost puppy dog…

The only thing missing was Erin telling him that she didn’t want to tarnish their “friendship” as she went to the bathroom and never came back…


Poor 50… hasn’t had a real hit in 8 years…

And now he’s going to Nascar events and speaking to Erin Andrew’s breeze…

Next time offer to hold her purse bro ;-)


erin andrews kiss 50 centvia SBNation

All kidding aside, 50 seemed to handle it well…

His response:

“Hey I wanted to kiss her, so I did”….

Cool bro… but it works a lil better when the feeling is mutual.

Ultimately, this is just more free press for the King of Publicity…

Push those energy shots bro… make that paper!

It’s casual,

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