50 Cent becomes a self-help author

50 cent kissing paris hiltonRobert Greene released “The Art of Seduction” in September of 2001. It is probably the most mainstream and popular book about seduction. One can only assume Richard La Ruina called his book “The Natural Art of Seduction” as a homage to Greene’s book.

I own “The Art of Seduction” but I admit that I have never read it. I find Greene’s books to be boring and tedious to read.

Another one of his books that is widely mentioned by people in the seduction community like David DeAngelo is “The 48 Laws of Power“. This book has become popular with several rap artists. I guess they must like books about power and movies about selling coke (”Scarface“).

50 Cent has decided to team up with Robert Greene to release a book called “The 50th Law“. It is supposedly going to be an “urban” version of The 48 Laws of Power.

I’ll give you the forgotten 49th Law: “Don’t read books by rappers”.

Take it from someone who learned the hard way. In Junior High I made the mistake of reading “Ice by Ice: The Vanilla Ice Story in His Own Words”.

I instead suggest you get La Ruina’s “The Natural Art of Seduction” instead. I’ve read that and it is really a good read.

Word to your mother!