The 52 Nonverbal Flirting Signals of Women

Ten years ago Monica M. Moore of the University of Missouri conducted a psychology study on women’s methods of flirting nonverbally.

She came up with 52 different nonverbal solicitation behaviors grouped into three different categories (facial and head patterns, gestures and posture patterns).

I sorted the 52 signals from the most to least frequency of occurence:

1. Smile
2. Glance (wide)
3. Solitary dance
4. Laugh
5. Glance (short darting)
6. Hair flip
7. Lean
8. Glance (gaze/fixated)
9. Head toss
10. Head nod
11. Point/permission grant
12. Gesticulation
13. Giggle
14. Whisper
15. Dance (acceptance)
16. Neck presentation
17. Object caress
18. Lick lip
19. Primp
20. Parade
21. Aid solicitation
22. Caress (leg)
23 Play
24. Brush
25. Pout
26. Knee touch
27. Shoulder hug
28. Thigh touch
29. Caress (arm)
30. Hand hold
31. Coy smile
32. Placement
33. Approach
34. Palm
35. Caress (back)
36. Foot to foot
37. Request dance
38. Hug
39. Arm flexion
40. Face to face
41. Tap
42. Caress (torso)
43. Buttock pat
44. Frontal body contact
45. Breast touch
46. Kiss
47. Caress (face/hair)
48. Eyebrow flash
49. Hike skirt
50. Hang
51. Lipstick application
52. Lateral body contact

Mystery PUA often talks about a few of these signals in his seminars and it’s quite possible he got them from this actual study.

It is interesting to see that the most obvious ones happen the least frequently. Any AFC can figure out that a girl likes him or is flirting with him if she holds his hand, hugs him, kisses him or asks him to dance.

Many of the others are logical but may not register with guys as actual “flirting” such as her giving you eye contact, smiling, any form of kino and laughing.

The more interesting ones are the more subtle such as her touching herself or making certain body movements.

I think it is important for any PUA to study these and look for them happening around you. Watch your coworkers or classmates interacting and see if you can see any of these signs of flirting happening.

Women do give you signals but they aren’t going to be as obvious as a stop-and-go light. Studying body language will help you read between the lines.

This study also showed that the same ten women showed signs of flirting a hell of a lot more frequently in a singles bar than at a snack bar and at a library. I think it is hard to make any night vs. day game conclusions from those results without knowing the actual context. Maybe they just got approached less frequently at the other venues which would be expected.

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You can find the full case study along with graphs of the results by clicking here.