6 Mistakes Men Make in Social Situations

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Here’s a list of the top 6 social mistakes people make. It was written by Hamilton Miller, a controversial hypnotist who focuses on using social control to obtain what you want from others…

#1 - Appearing Needy

I’ve seen it at dozens of parties - a person earns some social credit by having a pleasant conversation with a stranger… but then they won’t end the conversation gracefully, or even “trail” their new “friend” around. Other ways of appearing needy include griping about an invitation you didn’t receive, trying to invite yourself to social events, etc. Always avoid appearing needy, it is the number one killer of social credit!

#2 - Appearing Nosy

Asking someone new how they earn their living, if they are married or single, or anything about their income is a game-losing move. Another killer I see all too often is asking a young person, usually 18-25, if they are in school. Many times, they *are not*, and how do you think you come off when they answer “no”?

#3 - Using a Poor Voice

We’ve all heard this many times, and should strive to avoid it at *all* times. Be wary of letting your face trail off or speaking in a monotone - and always do your best to talk *to* the other person, not *at* them!

#4 - Not Listening

Not listening, or appearing not to be a good listener, will stop any efforts at Social Control. I know firsthand how boring some people can be, but at least learn how to appear to be a good listener.

#5 - Failing to control your emotions

Anyone that appears too sensitive is likely to be mocked and ridiculed. If others are being gratuitously offensive, you must always appear to be unaffected by their behavior.

#6 - Not appearing sophisticated

When meeting new people many tend to appear too negative - or equally as bad, they appear too optimistic. Never confide your secret ambitions or goals to strangers at a party, as that can easily arouse feelings of envy or even hatred from whoever is listening to you. Boasting will not help you establish Social Control.

Hamilton Miller is the creator of “Elite Social Control” - discover more about the art of “Machiavellian Mingling” and obtain what you want from others by clicking here

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  • Adonis
    July 16th, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Pretty straightforward…never heard of this Hamilton Miller guy before though….

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