7 Essential Steps For Guys To Look Sexy For Women

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Here’s a long boring video of a girl applying make-up…

I want you to see all the effort she puts into making herself look good… and then estimate how much time YOU spend on getting yourself to look attractive before going out:

Us guys have it good. We don’t have to spend an hour on our hair and make-up.

But we still should spend a half hour making ourselves look attracive for women before stepping out the door…

Here’s 7 essential steps needed to look sexy for women:

1.) Brush and floss your teeth
2.) Style your hair
3.) Trim nose, neck, and ear hair
4.) Shave or trim facial hair
5.) Iron or steam your clothes
6.) Accessorize your outfit (necklace, bracelets, tie, belt, shoes)
7.) Apply deodorant and cologne

If you are not willing to spend 30 minutes to make yourself look your best to women… don’t bitch and complain when you go home alone.

Sacrifice some of your Call Of Duty time and you’ll have a better chance of slapping your balls against a booty ;-)

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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