77 Ways Jason Capital REVIEW ~ Make Her Want To?

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77 Ways Jason Capital is a new dating product that promises to give men “77 Ways To Make Her Want To F@#k You“.

Jason Capital PUAIf you don’t know who Jason Capital PUA is, he’s the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Controversial Seduction Expert”. He looks like Puck from Glee. He talks real hyper and jittery, as if he snorted one too many lines off a hooker’s ass. ;-)

Before I get into the 77 Ways Jason Capital review, I suggest you open this video presentation about the program in another browser tab. Listen to it as you read my review. This will help you understand some of the stuff I reference to later.


77 Ways Jason Capital REVIEW


77 Ways Jason Capital consists of 4 components.

* “77 Ways To Make Her Want To F*ck You” ebook.
* The Dude CRUSHER Method report.
* The 8 Subliminal Attraction Switches.
* Masters Of Dating Inner Circle program 14 day trial.

Jason Capital 77 WaysFirst, 77 Ways gives you a bunch of tips, techniques and tricks to get you laid. Some are basic & rehashed. While some are unique & original.

The Dude CRUSHER Method (love that name ;-) ) is a quick report on how to handle cock blocking “alpha males”. There’s always going to be “competition” looking to salt your game. Jason gives you some spiffy tips to kick their salt back in their face.

The 8 Subliminal Attraction Switches goes over the subtle ways to attract women. I’ve either seen Jason mentioning these in the past or else heard another guru talking about something similar.

Masters Of Dating is another subscription “continuity program”. It costs $59.97 per month if you don’t cancel the subscription within 14 days.

Get the dirt on EVERYTHING included in 77 Ways by clicking here


Is 77 Ways Jason Capital Worth Getting?


In this video, Jason talks up 77 Ways like it’s a guaranteed instant pussy magnet. But is that all just a bunch of hype?

Let’s be honest, “77 Ways To Make Her Want To” is pricey. So is it worth the extra money?

I personally would say check it out… there’s a potpourri of good seduction tips in it and you’re basically paying $1 for each tip

I also recommend trying out the free “Masters Of Dating” trial. Jason’s a charismatic individual blessed with a radio voice I can only wish to have. You’re sure to enjoy his infield videos and learn a lot. Just make sure to either cancel it right after downloading the 1st months trial. Otherwise be prepared to be charged in 2 weeks for getting the next months videos.

Grab your copy of 77 Ways for the LOWEST offered price by CLICKING HERE.

You can also watch his free video presentation by clicking here.

This concludes my 77 Ways Jason Capital review. If you have questions, leave them below or contact me on Facebook.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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