8 Celebrities Who Have Used Online Dating Sites

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In the early 2000’s, using online dating was “dorky” and made you seem desperate…

Now-a-days half the couples I talk to met through online dating. Even celebrities are apparently doing it.

Martha Stewart made news by joining dating site Match recently… wouldn’t you like to hit a crafty cougar like that ;-)

Apparently she isn’t the first well-known person to use such sites, here’s a list of 8 celebrities who have reportedly used online dating sites such as Match.com and eHarmony:

1.) Adele -eHarmony
2.) Joan Rivers -Match.com
3.) Charlie Sheen -MillionaireMatch
4.) Jenny McCarthy -Match.com
5.) Martha Stewart -Match.com
6.) Halle Berry -Undisclosed
7.) Cheryl Cole -Undisclosed
8.) Carrie Ann Inaba -eHarmony

Match claims that these celebrities have joined their site on their own and are not paid in any way… I know that Jenny McCarthy’s best years are probably behind her, but I still find it suspicious that she would join Match and then openly talk about it in interviews unless their was some kind of ulterior incentive…

If the girls in the list don’t impress you, how about if you could meet Playboy Playmates and Maxim models using online dating sites?

This guy claims to have done just that… he even made this video as proof

He also created a system for guys like you to quickly and easily get dates with hot girls using online dating sites and social networks…

Watch his Free Video Presentation about it by Clicking Here…

If you’re looking to date more girls, it wouldn’t hurt to give online dating a try… hey, maybe you’ll meet a model or a celebrity…

Just hope she doesn’t end up being Joan Rivers ;-)

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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