A Quick Isolation Tip by Roosh V

RooshV PUARoosh V is the author of RooshV Bang!. Here’s a quick isolation tip of his…

Most of the time at a bar or club the girl you approach will help you isolate herself from her cockblocking friends. She’ll let them go off to another part of the venue or the bathroom and stick with you. But sometimes this doesn’t happen. If they are hanging on her and you sense a moment to strike, try this simple yet effective isolation move:

“How about you come to the bar with me so I can get a drink…”

If the club is especially crowded, leave your hand out for her to grab. Once you get the drink, offer her a sip, but DO NOT buy her a drink. Linger at the bar, put your arm on her waist, and make a move before your drink is done. It’s as easy as I describe because if she allows herself to be isolated in this way she is ready to make out with you.

While it’s nice to have a grasp of the BIG PICTURE, if you don’t also know the dozens of little tips and tricks that take you from one stage to the next you may fumble the ball when the girl is ready. That’s why I made sure to teach all the small tricks in my book Bang instead of just lecturing you on theory. I created something that you can put to use immediately instead of having to interpret and study. Click here to view sample pages.