A Special Thanks to UndergroundAttraction.com

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I want to thank UndergroundAttraction.com for submitting my “opening women by being the bar bully” post to Netscape.

I want to also thank all those who have already voted for it (please vote for it if you haven’t yet).

It’s hard starting out a new blog and I appreciate everyone’s support (including V from BecomingAPUA.com and Michael Stoute from TheSeductionBible.com for leaving comments) .

We’re still getting established but I eventually would like to build relations and alliances with other bloggers when the time is appropriate.

I will definitely say that I will do my part to return any favors done to me and then some.  Similarly, I will eventually quit promoting sites that I do not get any correspondence back from.

It’s casual,

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  • ScottUA
    September 4th, 2007 at 9:24 am

    Hey no problem! Really like the content that you all have on the site and will continue to submit some of your content to Netscap!


  • Matt Savage
    September 14th, 2007 at 8:35 am


    I think you are off to a great start with your blog. What I like about it is you actually have some unique content, unlike so many other blogs. With the seduction community growing and the pick-up arts becoming more exposed to the public eye there are literally thousands of new pua blogs coming online. As a seduction blogger for the past year, I know how hard it is to get traffic and readers. I like what you have going on here and will certainly help support the cause. Keep up the good work.


  • Mack Tight
    September 14th, 2007 at 12:34 pm

    Thanks Scott and Matt,

    I agree that there is so many newbies popping up and creating blogs that rehash the same material. I’m sure established bloggers like yourselves must groan when you see a new blog like mine.

    It really means a lot to me to have reputable established bloggers like yourselves leaving comments and helping me out. When and if I get more established I will remember this and return the favors tenfold. In the mean time check out my blogroll for links to your sites. Thanks again!

    It’s casual,
    Mack Tight

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