A Summer Without TV

TV for me is like what a pacifier is for a baby. It is not as good as real life like a pacifier isn’t as good as a real tit; but it is convenient and you can make yourself feel content with it.

Last night I found myself watching a rerun of “Beauty and the Geek” while waiting for the basketball game to start.

I finally realized that I was wasting my time and decided to do some chores instead.

Now that the NBA Finals are over I have come to the realization that there is nothing that I find worthwhile or of value on TV for the next couple months. On top of that, the weather is finally nice after having 100 inches of snow this past winter and 10 inches of rain this past month.

That means I have no business being in my apartment unless I’m doing chores, eating, sleeping or fucking.

I cannot stress how important it is to get out of your apartment or house as much as possible. You are not going to meet women locked up in your apartment by yourself.

I plan on taking some classes at the local tech school, joining some clubs and organizations, playing some sports, visiting some local museums and volunteering.

It is easy to be lazy. But if you choose to be lazy don’t complain because you are poor, depressed and lonely.