Add Thundercat to the list of Pheromone Whores

On a recent Thundercat post he states:

I’m not a negative person, but I just feel that Stephaker unloaded such a massive amount of lies and bullshit that someone needed to call his ass out on this stuff.

Well boys and girls, I’m the guy who is calling Thundy’s hypocritical ass out!

Yesterday I made a post about how I believe it is bullshit that gurus are promoting pheromone products that are supposed to magically attract women and get you laid.

Today Thundercat made a post that consisted of him copying half of the text of my post followed by him saying he doesn’t have an issue with gurus’ promoting pheromone products. Then he subtlety PLUGS A PHEROMONE PRODUCT HE IS LIKELY PAID TO PROMOTE!!!

At first I thought the product he plugs may not be a paid endorsement because there were no direct links but then I saw the website of the product loading in the task bar when his site was taking forever to load. I can only assume that there must be an invisible pixel image loading to count page impressions or a cookie being set by the third party pheromone site.

Don’t believe me, check out this picture.

Notice while his site is loading there is a connection to the site of the pheromone product he mentions… try it yourself.

I would like to hear a thorough explanation if he tries to deny it.

Thundercat has made a living ripping on Ross Jeffries. At least Ross Jeffries put his endorsement on the table rather than trying to sneak it under it.

I have even less respect for Thundercat than I do the other guys who are at least openly pimping pheromone bullshit.

UPDATE: Proof that Thundercat is the pheromone product, Real Social Dynamics and Ross Jeffrie’s Speed Seduction Affiliate