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eSeduce is supported by selling products and ad space.

At first I promoted anything and everything. Things have changed and just as I have learned more about women, I have learned more about promoting products.

I am in the process of weeding out older poorer selling products from my promotions and looking to replace them with hot new products to promote.

I have a good grasp of what sells on my site so let me give a few specifics of what I’m looking for:

  • Products not services
    I prefer promoting products rather than services. Books, ebooks, videos and audio programs are easier for me to promote than seminars, boot camps and classes.

  • Fresh, new and timely products
    I’m looking to be contacted prerelease or just after release. Catalog or older products just don’t cut it any more in this market environment. I’m done with tired out ebook frontends released five or more years ago. The seduction community is evolving so rapidly that it is almost like the fashion industry; what was popular last season should be on the clearance racks this season.

  • A fair frontend payout or a cut of the backend
    What can I say; I want my share.

  • Affiliate percentages or payouts defined UPFRONT
    I’m done promoting products where I don’t know what my cut is ahead of time.

  • Good publisher/affiliate communications
    I want to be able to ask you questions, get them answered in a timely fashion and get them answered in enough detail so I understand what you are saying (no vague and cryptic responses).

  • Good promotional banners/videos/articles
    The less work on my end the more likely I will push your product.

  • Review copies
    It is a lot easier for me to promote your product if I’m familiar with it.

  • Proper price points
    Grossly overpriced frontends lead to me giving leads for backends and in turn getting no frontend sales. I’m done doing this.

    I have recently been quite successful pushing products and I’m confident I can do the same for yours if you meet the above criteria.

    If you don’t meet the criteria or if you want to just advertise, I will be happy to promote your material for a one time or recurring advertising fee.

    If you have a product you want me to sell send me an email at nothing.

    You got the product, I got the blog; let’s make lots of money!

    It’s casual,
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