AFC Adam London AKA Adam Lyons on non-verbal direct approach night game

Thundercat recently named AFC Adam the #3 PUA of 2007. I never heard of the guy at that point so my first thought is that there is something fishy. Why would a new PUA be as high as #3?

I then reflected on my personal favorite PUA of 2007 who was Mehow. I first heard of him last May and all I knew at that time was that he was just another PUA with yet another cat themed name. Boy was I wrong.

So I decided to have an open mind and check out AFC Adam. Maybe this new PUA with an oxymoronic name could be 2008’s Mehow.

Here is the first video I watched of him. My comments follow the video as usual.

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The first thing I notice watching this video is that his constant hand gestures are incredibly distracting. He reminds me of Beakman it is so bad.

He also talks fast. I would like to have him slow it down or even use David D’s patented “Bueller, Bueller…” repetition to drive his points home.

But I digress.

His focus is on getting a group of females as your entourage in order to give you social proof. My problem with this is that 99% of the guys I meet who need a guru’s guidance do not have the social skills to get an entourage without buying it. Those who have social skills can just get the women they want by themselves.

Improved social skills naturally breeds social proof in my opinion. So why not focus on social skills.

I guess I should check out an Adam Lyons Bootcamp to see him in person. I would particularly like to learn his advice for creating a lifestyle that naturally attracts women to hang out with you.

The video is basically about him using a video camera to get the girl to act wild. He then takes this created energy by using the prop and transfers it to attraction and sexual energy toward him.

Filming girls with cameras is a mixed bag in my experiences. Half the girls love it and half them hate it. It is also very direct. I agree that a camera is a good prop but I usually use it in a more indirect way by getting the women to take pictures of me and my friends instead.

I’m also not a fan of dance floors and grinding. Back when I was an AFC I used to spend my nights grinding chicks into flour on the dance floor. It usually involved very little social interaction. The sexual energy of grinding and dancing often didn’t lead to sex but instead to me walking home with blue balls.

I think the real battleground is done off the dance floor and I think gurus like Tyler Durden and Mystery are smart to stay off it. The only time I go on the dance floor is with a woman who I stayed in set with for a while off the dance floor.

So this video alone does not impress me. What do you think?

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