AFC Adam Lyons at the Under 21 Convention (Video)

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Here’s a clip of PUA Training instructor AFC Adam Lyons from the 2008 Under 21 Convention

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Have I mentioned yet that I’m not a big fan of AFC Adam Lyons?!

I have already?! Let me mention it again…

I find his whole “bring 20 girls with you to the club” advice completely impractical for any guy who is reading this blog…

I don’t get his oxymoronic name…

I don’t get why he’s wearing the same vanilla v-neck shirts in every video I see him in…

…and how does he get off busting on Mystery for wearing a fuzzy hat when he’s sporting a red rooster comb hairdo?!

But I guess he was voted the “#3 PUA in the World” by either Johnny Wolf or Thundercat…

That’s gotta be worth at least a quarter on the black market!

Enough drabble from me, lets get on with the plug and end this post…

Wanna see more of AFC Adam from last years Under 21 Convention?


OK, I understand…

…BUT how about over 17 hours of Sinn, Mehow, Braddock, El Topo, Doc Holliday and Entropy speaking?!

Well, you can get it all on sale this week for under 100 bones by clicking here

That’s a savings of $68… let’s pretend it is $69 because that number is kinkier..

The sale ends next Monday, February 16th so don’t fuck around or it will be gone…

Get it now dammit!!!

Don’t make AFC Adam come and totally destroy you by social proofing your ass with his gaggle of gals!

Oh yeah… he’ll do it!!

You can also get your tickets for next years The 21 Convention by clicking here

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