AFC Adams, Natural Tim and now NLP Ben?!?

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What is up with this new trend of pick up names?

AFC Adams…

Natural Tim…

NLP Ben…

I never understood the whole AFC bit in Adam Lyons name. Why would I want to learn from a self-proclaimed chump?

Natural Tim has a rather unnatural name. If you have to add the word to your name just so people know that you are one it seems to defeat the whole purpose.

Finally, PUATraining has got an instructor named NLP Ben. Does anyone even use NLP anymore? It’s like that old Atari 2600 in the back of your closet.

This all reminds me of the McDonalds characters.

You have the Hamburglar you loves McDonalds’ hamburgers…

Then you have Mayor McCheese whose head consists of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese…

They associate a character with an item from their menu in order to promote it.

I find it rather cheesy.

Some times I ask myself why I even challenge such things. I guess I should just cave in and throw in the towel like the rest…

From now on my new name is “Alpha Alfie”…

or “Omega Mike” if I go the whole AFC Adams route.

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