You are not old, Larry King is old

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Nothing bugs me more than hearing some guy in his twenties or thirties talk about how old he is. Quit shooting yourself in the foot and using it for an excuse.

When I was 21 I felt like I was old. I reached my last major milestone; I could buy alcohol and go to bars. Life was downhill from there. I decided that I was too old and mature to date freshman girls.

I had friends who were under 21 who dragged me to house parties. I felt like I didn’t belong there. I constantly whined and ran off to the bars as soon as I could.

Once I graduated from college I decided that I was too old to go to college bars any more. I went to bar & grills and other less happening venues. The caliber and number of women I was with greatly depreciated. I was not happy and longed for the days when I was young enough to go to college bars and parties. Those days were behind me now and I had to look at the present, so I thought.

When I was 25 everything changed. I started hanging out with a friend who was only 20. I was drinking beers at his place and somehow he convinced me to go to a college party with him. I felt like a creepy old man and out of place. When asked my age I lied and said I was 20.

The next day I realized I had more fun at that party than I had at all the boring bars I had went to in the past two years. I decided to go to more parties with him.

The next couple parties I started loosening up. These younger students were not staring at me or judging me. When I stopped lying and told them I was 25 they said that I looked young for my age and went on talking to me.

By the fourth party I knew everyone. Eighteen year old freshmen girls screamed and hugged me the second I stepped into a party. College guys thought I was the shit. The man who was too old at 21 to date freshmen now was finding himself being dragged to the dorms by hot freshmen women at the age of 25.   I fucking loved it!

I told my other older friends about the fun I was having at these parties and they reluctantly took a chance and started coming. They had a blast too.

After the parties we would start going to college bars again too. Some nights I would go to a party, then to the dorms to fuck some underclassman girl, then to the college bars and then to some house to fuck an upperclassman girl.

I did this for three years until I had to move to Milwaukee for my job.  I could have had that much fun for seven years if it wasn’t for the fact that I was such a whiny bitch thinking I was old when I was only in my early twenties.

Now I am entering my early thirties in a new city. I find myself again hanging out at college bars with younger guy friends and hooking up with college aged women. I tell everyone that I am 31 and no one gives a fuck.

The truth is age is more of an issue in your head than it is in reality. If you are 35 and cool to talk to you will not be “creepy”; if you are 21 and make people feel uncomfortable you will seem creepy.  I may be ten years older than when I was in college but my game, both inner and outer, is tighter now than it was back then.

The cards in this dating game are stacked against men in so many ways. There are only a few things we have over women. One is that aging is less detrimental for us. Start taking advantage of this.

You are not old; Larry King is old. But Larry King also has a hot wife who is 26 years younger than him.

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Larry King and Shawn SouthwickLarry King and Shawn Southwick

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  • Bobby Rio
    January 21st, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    True.. and an issue I have from time to time.. Damn Mack, your older then me.. I really need to shut up about being old…

    I go through stages with it.. I was 26 fucking a couple of eighteen year old high school girls a couple years ago.. then I go through phases where I just can’ t tolerate talking to the much younger girls anymore… which makes me believe i’m getting old.. when in reality i just need to be talking to different caliber college girl.. although the sorority chicks i went skiing with a couple weekends ago were QUITE fun!

  • Benny
    January 21st, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    “You are not old; Larry King is old. But Larry King also has a hot wife who is 26 years younger than him.’

    which proves looks don’t matter as much as one would think…..

  • Mack Tight
    January 21st, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    I’ve been there too Bobby.

    In reflection, 25% of the bad interactions I’ve had with younger women are because they are annoying or psycho. Those factors are not age related and I encounter just as many older women with the same issues.

    The other times were my own fault. I did not understand my target audience or just shot myself in the foot by saying something stupid. I used to always bring up my age when talking to younger women or make self-depraving jokes about how old I was. I often made pop culture references that dated myself (I remember talking about Doogie Howser, M.D. to a 21 year old and getting a blank stare back).

    Ultimately, I find girls from 18-25 to be more fun, spontaneous and have less baggage than older women.

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