Alcohol should not be used to overcome social anxiety

I believe alcohol is fine as long as you consume it in moderation.

It is a vice just like caffeine, nicotine and Twinkies. Let he who has no unhealthy vice cast the first stone.

I’ve read several anti-alcohol posts. They usually try to convince you to stop drinking excessively because it is unhealthy, expensive and weakens your game. They bring up logical points but they never were enough to make me stop.

It took evaluating why I chose to get drunk to finally get me to stop.

I used to go to parties and be shy. I would stand in the corner and not talk to anyone. I had social anxiety.

To combat that I learned that if I consumed massive amounts of alcohol I would lose this anxiety.

Sure it had its side-effects. I became socially incoherent at times. I would be a dick to my friends.

Sometimes I would luck out and go home with a girl. The problem I had was I was so drunk I had whiskey dick. I looked into getting Viagra to combat it.

Can you see how that might be considered putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound?

Can you also see why the logical arguments didn’t work with me?

I didn’t care if it was unhealthy, expensive or made me bad with women because the alternative in my mind was setting around and not talking to anyone. At least when I got drunk I had the occasional drunken hook-up.

One night it all caught up with me and I drove through a red light and got an OWI. It was stupid of me.

After that I drove to the same bars but only drank in moderation.

It wasn’t the same. I had social anxiety again.

I decided to instead go to the local bars within walking distance of my apartment and get drunk. The bars sucked. There was usually a couple girls and hundreds of guys in them.

Can you see how far out of my way I was going to avoid having to face my million dollar problem?

I had social anxiety and rather than go through the hard process of overcoming it I chose the easy path. I used an influencing substance to temporarily overcome it.

That’s when I finally realized I needed help that a bottle couldn’t provide me with and found it in the pickup community. Not only have I learned to overcome my social anxiety full time, I also do not have any of the harmful side-effects.

My opinion is that alcohol, like dynamite and baseball bats, is perfectly acceptable if used responsibly.

Just it should be used to celebrate your success and not hide your problems.