Alec Greven on Ellen

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Remember young Alec Greven author of the How To Talk To Girls book?!?

Well he has appeared not once but TWICE on Ellen…

Yes, hell has officially frozen over… I’m including videos from THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW…

What’s next… OPRAH?

First, here is Alec Greven on the February 20, 2008 Ellen episode…

Keep an eye open for Christina Aguilera at the end… DAMNNN girl!

Next, here he is in the December 1, 2008 Ellen episode…

So “How to Talk to Moms” and “How to Talk to Dads” are all about how to manipulate your parents…

Once again, smart kid!

He says that he is also releasing a third book called “How to Talk to Santa“…

Wait… isn’t that a bit redundant considering his other two new books?

I know, I know… he is going to have to write a book called “How to Talk to Grinch” and thank me in the back of it if I keep this up…

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  • Hammer
    December 14th, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    You’ve got to love how he totally had a publicist for the second one who told him exactly what to say.

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