Alex Allman Unleash The Beast REVIEW ~ PDF Discount

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I’ve been getting a ton of emails from guys asking me about the “Unleash The Beast” program by Alex Allman of Revolutionary Sex. They want to know whether it’s the real deal or a scam…

So I decided to write this quick Alex Allman Unleash The Beast review. It should give you a better idea on if it’s for you or not.

Let’s start with what it comes with…

It comes with the main Unleash The Beast Online Training program. This contains video training, PDF guides, plus audio downloads. In addition, there’s 11 bonus coaching programs and The “Grow Guide”. To find out more detail of each of these components, check out this free report.

Finally, there’s an option for a free one-month trial to “The Sexually Confident Man”. This is monthly subscription training program and will cost you an additional monthly fee if you do not cancel before your 30 day trial expires. If you do not want this, you can uncheck the box by it in this checkout page.

Alex Allman Unleash The Beast

Next, what’s it all about and what’s inside…

First of all, lets make it clear that Unleash Your Beast is about helping men with sexual confidence. If you’re looking for another “quick fix” or trick that will somehow change your genetics and make you grow something that you were not born with, then absolutely this is NOT the program for you. I can understand the confusion since the website to purchase it has the words “instant” and “inches” in the domain.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with the Unleash The Beast Program…

1) There’s a ton of info from Alex’s huge study of women, and what they really want from men when it comes to sex and “size”.

Yes, it turns out that some women like it big… BUT, the much more important factor is that women are super turned-off by men that are insecure about their own package.

So a lot of the program is devoted to emotional and psychological stuff to get over that issue completely so that you can be confident with your masculinity.

That stuff is very powerful, and if you are willing to go along with it, it can change your life for the better.

2) The other thing that Alex apparently learned from his study is that 95% of women said that “harder” was more important than “bigger”. So a large portion of the program is devoted to what you can do to get harder when you get hard.

3) Also 90% of the women supposedly said that “lasting longer” was more important than “bigger”. So Alex included his “Magic Bullet Method” videos for lasting longer.

And finally…

4) There are techniques and sex positions revealed for making it “FEEL” bigger during sex. So if you are still insecure about it, or if your woman is one of those who loves it big, you’ll have that handled too.

All in all, it’s a fairly complete package that does a good job addressing all of men’s issues about size. But more importantly, it gives you everything you need to make sure that no woman you are with ever complains about what you’re giving her. Or ever wishes she had “something more”.

Did I try it? If so, how effective was it..

I’ve tried some of the techniques and they worked good for me. More importantly, from the claw marks on my back.. my partner approved ;-)

Finally, is it a scam? Is it worth it…

The Unleash Your Beast program is reasonably priced for what you get. Alex Allman has been around for a long time and has a good reputation. He’s not a scam artist.

The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So I recommend getting a copy and trying it out. It’s a well put together program that will help most men become more confident and better in bed.

My only hesitations are the monthly subscription program. But as mentioned before, you can uncheck it or unsubscribe to it at any time. If you don’t, it’s still a solid monthly program at a relatively reasonable price.

So if you’re still interested in getting it, you can watch the sales video and buy it here. Otherwise, you can read the written report and buy it here too.

UPDATE: Apparently right now, they are offering the program at special discounted price. This price is $50 less than the normal price. This makes getting the program an easier decision for those on the fence. I do not know how long the discount goes for, it claims only for a couple weeks. I’ll remove this update once I know it expires. So check out it out now before this special price goes up.

That’s it. I hope this quick Alex Allman Unleash The Beast review was helpful. Ask me any questions.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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