Movie Clip: American Psycho Facial Routine (Video)

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Yesterday, I made a reference to the facial skin care routine of the lead character in the movie American Psycho

Here’s the movie clip I was talking about: (WARNING: brief shot of Christian Bale’s bare ass!)

I think men should use basic face skin care products… but this character takes it to an anal extreme with the expensive facial peel and face mask…

American Psycho is a cult movie I enjoy… I recommend watching or buying it

There’s no real “pick up artist” lesson to be learned from it… but I did quit using alcohol-based after shave after watching and also find myself thinking of it whenever:

- I hear Huey Lewis & The News… especially “Hip To Be Squared”…
- Someone gives me their business card
- I see a mirror in someone’s bedroom

It’s easily the best Brett Easton Ellis novel adaption… even though it takes place in the 80’s, I think it does an excellent job of capturing how anal, yet apathetic & callous, our self-absorbed society has become…

There’s talks of a remake, and Brett Easton Ellis tweeted back in December that Miles Fisher was one of his preferred actors to play Patrick Bateman…

I’m guessing that was based off Miles’ awesome music video to his rendition of the Talking Heads song “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)”…

That’s enough irrelevant babbling for a day… it’s time for me to break out my Walkman and listen to some Robert Palmer cassettes…

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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