Another article about Matador’s Yale visit … this time it’s negative

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Matador PUALast Saturday I made a post about Matador speaking at Yale.

For those who don’t know, Matador works for Venusian Arts with Mystery. He contributed to the new Venusian Arts Revelation ebook (check out my Venusian Arts Revelation review for more info). He also assists in Venusian Arts bootcamps. For more info on Matador and Venusian Arts visit their site.

On Thursday Vivian Nereim of the New Haven Advocate had a negative article about the Yale visit.

First things first, what the hell is the “New Haven Advocate”?

I did my detective work and found that it is just your typical free liberal weekly tabloid paper that is offered in every major city. You know, the ones with articles like this followed by pages of escort, strip club and 1-900 number ads. For example in the Midwest in Milwaukee they have the Shepherd’s Express, in Madison the Isthmus and in Minneapolis the City Pages. They probably are all owned by the same company for what I know.

She starts out by mocking the whole peacocking wardrobe bit. Like we haven’t heard it a hundred times before from narrow-minded reporters.

She does manage to steer from the word most writers like to use to describe PUA’s: “creepy”. I guess a guy who goes into a club, talks to several hot women and leaves closing many of them is still “creepy” because he does so wearing a fuzzy hat.

Vivian likes to word the truth in a way that makes Mystery look like a cowarded asshole. She states “Ironically, Mystery resisted Yale last minute and cancelled” while the Yale Daily News stated that he “could not attend because of illness”.

Do you go to work when you’re sick, Vivian? Give the man a break!

Obviously if Mystery decided to cancel a visit because he thought it wouldn’t be good for his company rather than illness he wouldn’t have had Matador, who works for his company, speak.

Throughout the article she stresses how she would not sleep with him. I’m sure Matador lost sleep over this.

Anyone familiar with the seduction community will get a laugh out of her repeatedly saying it.

I think Vivian has a crush on Matador and is jealous she didn’t get any of his attention! She probably waited for hours to speak with him with her little laminated “New Haven Advocate” press pass and finally found out he left with a couple freshmen girls a long time ago.

Poor Vivian. Matador’s off to film the next season of his hit VH1 show while she’s stuck in her cubicle in Connecticut. But she does have one thing over him: she still is pretty sure she wouldn’t sleep with him.

At least, she hopes she wouldn’t.

Laugh, snicker, faaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrt!

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  • Beethoven
    February 24th, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    The author’s desire to sleep with Matador couldn’t be any more obvious!

  • Mack Tight
    February 25th, 2008 at 11:38 am

    I so agree Beethoven!

    Back when I was an AFC and a girl straight out told me she wasn’t going to sleep with me I used to get flustered and irate and bail on her.

    The truth is if she unsolicited tells you she isn’t going to sleep with you she has obviously thought about sleeping with you and that’s all that matters. Telling you she isn’t is just her setting up those anti-slut defenses for when she does.

    With this author, I counted at least three times in the brief article where she mentions her sleeping with Matador. I don’t care if her “words” say she would or wouldn’t; it is pretty damn obvious what is on her mind!

  • Beethoven
    February 25th, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    Yes, and the word “hope” pretty much seals the deal from her. There was a thread on the Tucker Max forum recently called “A Glimpse into the Insecurities of a Cougar” with a similar phenomenon. Some college professor chick wrote Tucker an email critcizing him and his work, but after a brief exchange with Tucker it became clear that she simply wanted his attention and would fuck him in a heartbeat.

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