Anthony Robbins NBC TV Show- “Breakthrough With Tony Robbins” Premiere

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Tony RobbinsThe first time I heard of Tony Robbins was when David Deangelo name-dropped him in one of his products (I can only imagine David referred to him as his “good friend Tony” :-) )

Tony is a powerhouse in the “self help” niche, at a level that most pickup gurus can only have wet dreams about…

I checked out Tony’s “Awaken The Giant Within” audio book a while back and found it boringzzzz…

It didn’t help that he’s got one of those “smoke 12 packs-a-day” voices that could peel paint off siding…

Get that old paint off the easy way…

But the guy’s probably pushing 9 figures+ while I’m pushing my broken down ‘92 Escort…. who am I to cast stones?

Make Tony richer…

In fact, Tony’s landed himself a reality program on NBC this summer…

It’s called “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” and it premieres Tuesday, July 27 8/7c…

Here’s the description of the show:

International star, bestselling author, philanthropist, advisor and inspirational speaker Tony Robbins
uses his extraordinary skills to help deserving individuals who have suffered terrible setbacks.

It shares some of the same executive producers as The Biggest Loser and
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition…

If that doesn’t scream “Must Miss” TV… I don’t know what does!

I can only imagine David Deangelo will be setting front row, frantically clapping at the live finale
on August 17th in Los Angeles…

He’ll reach out and try to clap Tony’s hand as he walks by and Tony will leave him hanging like
a flaccid cock…

Check out Tony’s “inspirational” book in anticipation of his “extraordinary” show…

UPDATE: Bobby Rio says they REALLY are best buddies in business… Apparently Davey D does some kind of interview crap for Tony or something… Now you can get your marketing pep-talk Zzzzzzz’s in stereo…

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  • Bobby Rio
    June 23rd, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    David DeAngelo actually does a program with Tony Robbins now… he is a frequent contributor to Tony’s new Money Master series where he interviews internet marketing gurus…

    Funny hearing them together…

  • Dream
    July 4th, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    One of our 2010 speakers this year was featured on the show with Tony.

  • Tony listener since 1990
    July 15th, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    can’t wait to watch Tony in action again. I attended his seminar back in 1992 and did not know that after 5 hours we were expected to do the fire walk.

    I did not believe I could do it because years ago I had suffered 3rd degree burns on my feet. I was a baton twirler in high school and was rehearsing with the band during the summer. I had flip flops on and one of them busted while marching on the boiling hot pavement.

    This is the kind of pain you NEVER forget.

    There were approximately 1000 of us at the Hilton Hotel @ LAX and he told us to take off our shoes & socks and walk up to the roof of the Hotel where 12 lines of fire coals were waiting. I went through the motions fearing I would quit just before walking over the red hot coals and just hoped for a miracle.

    I was one of the lucky ones. Tony was at the front of my line and when it was my turn to walk, he asked me: “Are you ready?” (how can you tell Tony no?). He said “Just repeat: COOL MOSS…COOL MOSS”.

    Well, the drumbeats synchronized with my heart and I looked up to the starry sky and DID IT!!

    After they threw cold water at my feet, I ran to the back of the line again to do it again because I didn’t believe I had done it.

    Tony said: “Always remember that if were able to walk on fire today, you can achieve anything you set your heart out to do.”

    He was RIGHT!! Thank you Tony.

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