Are Lay Reports Creepy?

Lay reports have been around since the early days of mASF. Hell, cavemen probably chiseled crude drawings depicting their sexual conquests on the walls of caves back in the stone age.

But just like with the Flinstone’s cigarette commercial, just because something was acceptable back in the day doesn’t necessarily mean it should be acceptable today.

I was looking at the rules for posting on Tenmagnet’s new messageboard and rule four is no lay reports

4 - No “lay reports”, seriously, do you know how tacky, lame and creepy a “lay report” is? If you want to brag, try and be discrete about it and do it in passing. If you want to write first-person amateur p0rn, there are other websites for that. Your posts will be deleted.

He even brought out the community’s big gun; calling something or someone “creepy”.

Isn’t Sinn, a former Love Systems instructor himself, the “king of lay reports”? He claims he is even writing lay report book. Based on Tenmagnet’s rule, does that make Sinn tacky, lame and creepy?

I personally do not have issues with lay reports if they are done right. The problem is 99% of them are done WRONG.

They should be vague about or omit details that don’t matter and they should be very specific about details that do. They should be brief and the reader should actually learn something from reading it otherwise it is pointless.

I do agree with Tenmagnet that too many guys use lay reports as a way of bragging about getting laid. Usually when I read one that is rather plain I think that the writer is a real wanker rather than a winner. Almost everyone has sex.. to spend 15 minutes typing up a report about a by-the-books lay makes me think you don’t get laid much.

Now here’s some examples of my impressions of good and bad lay reports…

Here’s a Sinn lay report that I think the reader can learn from. Sinn describes the stacked routines that he used and also how he overcame a cockblock put on by another guy at the bar.

It was short, to the fact and educational.

On the flip side, here’s a “video lay report” by Johnny Wolf that I deem worthless…

He spends 20 seconds talking about the approach itself and the rest of the time talking about shit I don’t really care about.

The only point he makes is that trying to get laid should not be that complex, sometimes it is as simple as telling a girl that you want her legs over your shoulders…

Yeah, maybe if she happens to be a Vegas hooker :)

I digress…

In summary, I think Tenmagnet brings up an interesting point…

I don’t think lay reports necessarily HAVE to be creepy but a lot of them are.

You should NOT write lay reports to puff out your chest, brag and to make yourself feel good.

You should write lay reports to help others learn from your experience.

To read *good* lay reports, check out Sinn’s Lay Report Book