Are you REALLY that busy or is it just an EXCUSE

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I was recently giving daily advice to a colleague of mine in regards to improving his success with women. The guy was making amazing progress.

Then one day I stopped getting daily contact from him.

I called him and asked him what the deal was.

He said, “I’m too busy now to work on getting better with women.”

Too busy to get better with women?!? Seriously, what are you possibly doing that is more important than trying to get laid?

I made him go over with me what he did in the past week that made him SO busy. He could recount for 50-60 hours of work at his job and a few hours doing a hobby of his.

So lets say the guy works 60 hours a week at work, spends 3 hours commuting to work, 56 hours sleeping, 7 hours eating and a few hours for his “hobby”… what was going on in the remaining 40+ hours that he deemed more important than trying to get laid?!?

…playing video games? …surfing for porn? …watching “American Idol”?

Don’t give me that shit… You’re making an EXCUSE and we all know it!

I used to use the same excuse myself. I knew it was bullshit but I kept trying to sell it as a valid excuse to myself and to others.

Why aren’t you getting laid?” I’m too busy for women now…

Mack, can you help me move?” No, I’m just too busy…

Why aren’t you sending out resumes to find a job?” I’m too busy…

Do you want to go see the Sex and the City movie with me?Nope, definitely too busy…

Let’s face it; EVERYONE’S BUSY! That is what makes this excuse so lame. It’s a selfish and chumpish thing to say.

People MAKE time for what is important in their life and getting laid, second only to making money, should definitely be something you should make time to do.

In regards to this colleague, I was busy yet I found the time to coach him. When he came back with the “I’m busy” excuse I knew I wasted my time with him.

Stop wasting MY time and stop wasting YOUR time… quit making excuses in your life and make it happen NOW!

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