Asian Dating Superstars by Ryker Koh

Ryker KohI’m not Asian, but Ryker Koh is…

And he has put together a program to help Asian guys overcome the issues most common with them…

The program is called Asian Dating Superstars

Ryker interviewed 13 of the world’s top Asian PUAs and asked them Asian-specific questions.

It’s a product made by an Asian for other Asians to achieve ultimate inner game…

Some of the Asian pickup artists interviewed include:

    Asian Dating Superstars
  • DJ Fuji
  • Daniel Rose of Sex God Method
  • Jeremy Soul and Mr. M from Love Systems
  • David Tian aka “The Asian Rake”
  • Troy Dizon

This is a HUGE program with 20 hours of audio and 24 ebooks of material…

There’s even ebooks of lay reports by the interviewed PUAs…

So if you are Asian you’re going to want to check this out now..

In fact, you can get a FREE audio interview with William from ABCs of Attraction, one of Asian Playboy’s lead instructors, just by clicking here