Ask Mack Tight: Does Money, Height And Age Matter With Women?

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You asked for it… so here it is, another ASK MACK TIGHT advice column…

This time, I’m answering questions about the effect of money, height and age when trying to attract women…

Hey Mack,

I know that the community advice is that money doesn’t matter.
Deep down, money does matter, doesn’t it. But to what extent? In getting a shag v. being a ‘good boyfriend’ how much does it count?



DUH, of course money matters with women. Were you born yesterday n00b?

If you aren’t a cash money millionaire, you might as well tuck your cock back around into your ass cheeks and walk around with a mangina… cuz you ain’t gettin’ none son!

When I ’sarge’, I always wear my custom “Mack Tight” pendant on my platinum chain with 50 karats of princess-cut diamonds bro! I paid Jacob the Jeweler $250k to make that shit. The girls see it and say “bling, bling” and instantly start performing fellatio on me! They know I’m a baller… shotcaller.

I recommend walking around with a paper bag full of Benjamins. Occasionally toss up a handful and make it rain… girls will follow you all the way to your bedroom like E.T. following the trail of Reese’s Pieces.

Hope that answers your question STUPID…

It’$$$ CA$Hual,

Mack “#1 Stunna” Tight


Yo Mack…

I’m 5′2″ and I constantly have girls rejecting me because of my height. I feel like I’m too short to be successful with women.
I’m frustrated and feel like their is no hope for me. I’m giving up on all this PUA stuff.


Dear Vertically Challenged…

2 words bro… BUY STILTS!

It’s casual,

Mack “6′4″ Tall, Dark & Handsome” Tight



I’m in my 40s and want to date younger girls in their 20s… but I don’t know how to approach them. I feel awkward and I’m afraid that they’ll think I’m a creepy old man. How should I pickup younger girls successfully?


Before I answer your question, I insist that you take all your afternoon pills Grandpa… I don’t want you dying on me mid-sentence…

When you’re 40, shouldn’t you be more focused on collecting your social security check than picking up girls young enough to be your grandchildren..?

You’re a sick perverted bastard and someone should brand “Creepy McCreepster” on your forehead. Stop giving lollipops to little girls at the playground and start sarging at the old folks home where you belong. Ross Jeffries and his cats can be your wingmen.

Now take out your dentures and take a nap…

It’s casual,

Mack Tight


There you go guys… more spot-on, rock-solid advice by yours truly!

Big News: I’m going to be writing for and Gawker real soon… I’ll be bashing male chauvinist pigs with a snarky, elitist flair. GIRL POWER!!!

And oh yeah, happy April 1st…

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

P.S. - I’m so sick of these sites making April’s Fool posts… it’s so played out and LAME! It’s about as old as creepy Mike above ;-)

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