Assemblyman Mike Duvall is a MORON!

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One of the most important things you learn as you develop socially is knowing when to keep your mouth shut when there is nothing to be gained.

This comes into play most often when defending your pride and seeking approval.

One relevant situation that I often mention on this blog is talking about politics. Along with religion, it’s a subject I just won’t comment on… UNTIL NOW!!!

There’s a politician named Mike Duvall. He WAS an Assemblyman from Orange County California until he couldn’t keep his big fucking mouth shut about a couple affairs he was having. Most notably, one was with a lobbyist of an energy company that was trying to get his support any way they could!

During a lull in a filmed meeting, Mike bragged to another assemblyman about the underwear one of the mistresses wore, their 18-year age gap and how he juggled the two affairs and his marriage. There was a live mic by him that picked up every word of the conversation.

I’m not going to talk about the ethics of a married man having an affair or even a politician taking sexual favors from a lobbyist. Those aren’t what ULTIMATELY cost this dumb ass his job!

His overly inflated EGO and his BIG MOUTH is what sealed his fate! He had to brag to another guy about it. There was nothing to be gained, it only opened the door for later problems.

This time it wasn’t even a “nice guy” who ratted him out, it was a MICROPHONE in plain site!

Here’s what I want you to take away from this whole ordeal:

Try your DAMNEDEST to take the “risk vs. reward” ratio into consideration before letting the words come out of your mouth!

UPDATE: Duvall is now denying the affair and saying it was a situation of ‘inappropriate story-telling’.

That just sounds like him trying to save face. Why did he resign so quick if that was the case?

If it IS the truth, he’s even a BIGGER moron!

Also, here’s the actual video:

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