At least one PUA guru can put Robbie Williams in his place

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The Natural Art of SeductionI just got a copy of Richard La Ruina’s (AKA Gambler) book “The Natural Art of Seduction“.

I have yet to start reading it but I read the following quote from the back cover and was amused.

‘Even Robbie Williams can’t beat Richard’
-Daily Star

If you are a Yank like me you might not know who Robbie Williams is. He is the UK’s equivalent to Justin Timberlake. He was in a boy band and then later had a successful solo recording career.robbie williams neil strauss lisa leverage the game

He is also a notorious player. He has claimed to fuck each of the four heterosexual Spice Girls.

Most notably Lisa Leverage, Neil Strauss’s love interest in The Game, dumped Strauss to go out with Williams.

I’m inspired by the quote on the back of Gambler’s book. I have decided to give Neil a similar quote to put on the back cover of the next printing of “Rules of the Game“:

‘I guess Robbie Williams can beat Neil’

For more info on Richard La Ruina you can check out the following sites:

PUATraining - His main page with info on his company along with their products, seminars and boot camps

PUATraining Vault - Watch hidden camera pick ups

Approaching Confidence - Audio program to overcome approaching anxiety

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  • Bobby Rio
    January 27th, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    I’ve read a bunch of Richard’s stuff and will definately give him my endorsement.

    I suggest you guys check out the links…

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