Attraction Formula

Paul Janka Attraction FormulaAttraction Formula is an ebook written by Paul Janka. It is the follow-up to his book “How to Get Laid in NYC“.

Paul Janka admits he was a shy, awkward, 20-year old virgin until he met a player fried who took him under his wing. Since then he has admitted to having sex with over 146 women.

Guys started emailing him demanding his secret “formula” for meeting women. Paul caved in and boiled everything he learned on his own from trial-and-error into a step-by-step system that any guy can use to meet and date women…

…and he named it “Attraction Formula”….

And now you can get your hands on Attraction Formula and learn Paul Janka’s secrets without having to go through the years of grief and error on your own.

Learn more about the Paul Janka Attraction Formula by clicking here…

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