Barry “Extramask” Kirky exposes Thundercat’s real name

In a recent episode of the Barry Kirky Radio Show, Barry said both Thundercat’s real first and last name…

…and it wasn’t “Joseph Mathews” boys and girls!

See “Joseph Mathews” is Thundercat’s fake natural game name.

So what is the sense of having a name that sounds real when it is bullshit anyways?

Pure marketing I guess…

Back to Barry… I don’t know who is the biggest idiot; Barry for exposing Thundercat’s real name or Thundercat for telling Barry his real name. Barry seems to have loose lips lately so I sure in fuck wouldn’t tell him anything that I didn’t want the world to know.

I know enough to never use someone’s real name in a public forum if they chose to not use it themselves. Barry should be smart enough to realize it too.

I wouldn’t even expose the real name of an enemy who fucked me over. It is like a rule in the “pick up code” and you don’t break it or you should get blacklisted from the community as far as I’m concerned. It is like breaking the guy code and telling your best friend’s girl that he is cheating on her.

The reason people in the community do not use their real names is because there is no benefit. On the other hand, using your real name can only lead to problems with girlfriends, employers and family in these days of Googling.

If I was famous and making a living from this it would be another story. But lets face it, I’m not.