A vicious Barry Kirkey vs. Thundercat feud erupts!

I caught The Barry Kirkey Radio Show yesterday for the first time in a while and it seems Thundercat and him are having a little spat with each other.

I haven’t been keeping up but the last time I heard their programs they couldn’t seem to fluff each other enough.

Now Barry is digging up every colorful metaphor imaginable to describe how fat Thundercat is…

And apparently Thundercat is calling Barry a racist.

Oh, the seduction community dramz… Will it ever end?!?

It’s just like an episode of Gossip Girl but a lot less sexy!

The big question is this real or just fake hype for the next Art of Charm pay-per-view event hosted by AJ and Jordan?

At the very least this one’s more interesting than two guys pushing 50 arguing about which one of them screwed some kid out of money…

I propose this gets settled with a dance off. AFC Adam can create non-verbal attraction by filming it with his camera and which ever one gets “served” has to hang up their mic.