When did Extramask become so unfunny?

I used to love TwentySix AKA Extramask in the Double Your Dating products. He was extremely unorthodox and refreshing. His concepts and ideas were out of the box and original.

To refresh your memory he was the guy who ran around with a cell phone that didn’t even work and yelled into it like he was important in front of women. He also took empty cigarette cartons and used them as puppets to mock and playfully ridicule women.

Everytime I heard he was on a product I bought it and thoroughly enjoyed what he had to say.

At the time he was working for Real Social Dynamics but later quit the community. Now he is back with a new company called Revolution31.

Lately he has been out promoting his new company by doing interviews for various seduction blogs including ApproachAnxiety.com and Seduction Chronicles.

He sure seems like a hot mess in these recent interviews. He is incredibly incohesive and scattered. He is constantly talking shit about the seduction community along with much of its terminology, history and gurus.

It also seems like he is trying too hard to be shocking with his humor. I like edgy humor in the right context but talking about gay sex, pedophilia and saying “cunt” repeatedly with nothing more to the joke is an insult to my intelligence.

I know it is alpha to blow off or give smart ass answers to questions from lower value people but I don’t know why anyone who is trying to promote their company would use such tactics. I really didn’t learn anything educational with his answers and found them rather painful to listen to and read.

I like Extramask. I think he has a lot to offer and teach. He just needs to get it together if you ask me.

As it is now I’d rather learn comedy from Pauly Shore.

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