Basic Joke Formulas

Martin Merrill is a dating coach and author of the popular book “Make Women Laugh“.

Here’s a brief article by Martin on the few basic joke formulas…

There Are Only A Few Jokes In The World
by Martin Merrill

Of course, humor is not only about telling jokes. But jokes constitute the essential part of humor.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with thousands of jokes out there, and most of them are not funny but just lame. You may start wondering how it is possible to sift through all the junks to get the good stuff so as to make women laugh?

The truth is: There are only a few types of jokes in the entire world.

What do I mean by that? You see, there are only a few archetypes or original models from which all the jokes are made. Ther’re only a handful of joke formulas or ways to construct different categories of jokes.

I’m sure you have heard of the joke “how many ___ does it take to change a light bulb“.

The blank can be “lawyers”, “doctors”, “mathematicians”, “policemen”, and so on. And that’s an example of a fundamental joke formula.

Another example is called “pacing”. You must have heard a joke which illustrates the tragedy of three men, where the first is hapless, the second is even more unlucky and the third is the most unlucky of all.

That’s another basic joke formula. But, you might ask how come they’re not in 2, 4, 5 parts? Very simple, the reason the 3-part has become a formula is that it is tested-and-true.

The idea I want to get across to you is that instead of trying to store jokes in your head you should just learn the basic joke formulas so you can come up with your own funny materials in real-time based on what’s just happened.

And that, my friend, is true humor.

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