Being called out as a “pickup artist” is just another shit test to pass

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Back in October a wing of mine got called out by a girl for being a “pickup artist”.  The girl was the neglected ug of the set and was looking for a reason to cockblock and came up with the golden ticket.  He handled the situation by becoming incredibly defensive which only egged the girl on.  Soon the girl was announcing to the bar that my wing was trying to be a pickup artist like on the VH1 show and not only did he get blown out of the set; we got blown out of the relatively small bar.

At first I was angry at Mystery and the VH1 show for whoring out the community to the masses.  Then I became irate that the Mystery Method/Venusian Arts was so structured that a woman who was opened with a false time constraint and an opinion opener enough times could catch on that it was a pickup routine.  I started thinking that “natural game” was the only answer.

Then just a few weeks ago I was out with a wing and two guys that he worked with.  The guys had no clue about pickup and the seduction community.  My wing tried to claim that they were “naturals” but they seemed like natural AFCs to me.   We opened lots of sets and my wing actually f-closed a girl from a set that I opened earlier.  The amazing thing is that the one person who got accused of being a pickup artist that night was actually one of my wingman’s AFC buddies!

Any time you open a set you are also opening yourself up for being called a “pickup artist”.  It doesn’t matter if you are using natural game, routine based game or even no game at all.

It has become a shit test that women now use and based on how my wings have handled it in the past; it is highly effective for them.

The problem that my wing had in October is that he handled the shit test poorly.

It reminds me of a time where a girl said I had helmet hair and patted my head.  I became incredibly defensive and swatted  her hand away.  I came off as an insecure asshole and failed the shit test miserably.

More recently a girl was intrigued by my ostrich-print dress shoes.  I admitted to her earlier that they were not real ostrich leather.  Later in the night she decided to bust on me about them being fake ostrich.  I simply smiled and laughed at her while patting her on the head.  I seemed confident and indifferent and her attraction for me escalated.

You can admit, deny, agree or disagree but more importantly it is HOW you handle the interaction.

Check back later today for how Mehow handles being called out as a “pickup artist”.

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  • Bobby Rio
    February 5th, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    True.. getting called out is only a big deal if you make it one… of course if you use word for word lines from the show and get called out you’ll look a lot more foolish.. can it still be worked out? Yes. but a little tougher.

    I love shit tests cause it gives me a chance to respond the way I choose. and the way i choose generally surprises her.

  • Gregory Arkadin
    February 5th, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    where do you guys sarge?

  • Nick Sparks
    February 10th, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    Great post. Very true info.
    My favorite way to deal with the “pickup artist” shit test is a line by style. With a big smile and a laugh I say, “aww, you think that I’m trying to hit on you? That’s adorable.” Usually with a pinch on their cheek.
    Works every time.
    Nice job on the site. If you’d be interested in exchanging links shoot me an email.

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