Being the High Status Male: Part 2

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Please first read part 1 at if you haven’t yet and then come back here to read part 2…

In part 1, I explained being high status and why women like it.

Now let me switch things up and touch on some community concepts that hit on the “high status” point…


Do you think wearing a pair of Skechers, some old carpenter pants and a boring t-shirt of your local major sports team screams “I’m high status”?

To me it screams “I don’t care how I look, I want to fit in and I’m scared to stand out”!

That’s what “peacocking” is all about… having the balls to stand out…

…and I’m not talking about even wearing goggles and a fuzzy hat.

Paul Frank Julius shirtFor example, I recently bought a bright green Paul Frank t-shirt with Julius the monkey on it. What can I say; some like dogs and cats but I LOVE MONKEYS!

I had guys busting on me about it but I could HANDLE it. I had women cold approaching ME about the shirt and I went to town from there. I even had some girls who BUSTED on me just like the guys did but I was able to turn the tables and get attraction from them. I bet everyone of those douche bags who were busting on me went out and bought the same shirt the next day…

…but I have a feeling they had no luck with it because they could not properly handle the reactions.

High status men do not care what others think.


“Negging” is defined as saying something to an attractive girl that subtly shows her that you are not caught in a hypnotic trance over her beauty.

Calling it “negging” was a bad move because people outside of the community assume it is just about putting down women.

Sure, some examples involve VERY, VERY subtly comments that could be taken as a backhanded complement. For example, take Mystery’s “it’s funny how your nose twitches when you talk” or Neil Strauss’ routine of picking a piece of lint off a girl’s shirt. It is not like you are calling the girl a “bitch” or saying she is “ugly”. You need to differentiate “negging” from being an obnoxious asshole. Many people who are new to the community do not understand how to calibrate proper negging.

Basically you are showing her that in a sea of low value ass-kissing chumps you are the one prized high value man who is accustomed to interacting with girls of her level of beauty on a routine basis.

She is accustomed to being put on a pedestal by guys staring at her, buying her drinks, endlessly approaching her and showering her with complements…

…but you quickly knock her off the pedestal to defuse her defenses. It may sound mean but women WANT to come off their pedestals to meet a high value man like yourself!

Giving/Taking Value

I made a post a while back by Mehow about giving value by being the value.

It does a good job of differentiating how needy and high status guys communicate with women.

Do you think a rock star who is in town for a tour is going to barrage a girl he just met with a bunch of interview questions?

What’s your name? What’s your age? Where are you from? What is your job?

HELL NO! For him to ask such personal questions to a girl with them both knowing he will be in a different city the next day would be silly.

Instead he is probably going to vibe with her about cool things. Maybe they’ll talk about music or pop culture. He might bring up some stories about something crazy that happened at his last tour stop in New York City.

Guys often interact with beautiful women by asking endless personal questions and they usually never end up seeing or talking to the girl EVER AGAIN anyway, so it is completely worthless!

High status men want to test women before they even care about their personal life. They begin by building comfort and attraction by telling interesting high value stories (such as the rock star’s crazy night at his NYC tour stop). ONLY if the interaction progresses to the point that it EXCEEDS his normal standards does he care to learn the back of a baseball card stats of a girl’s personal life.

A high status man has many options with quality women just as a quality woman has many options with low status men. The key is that quality women only have limited opportunities to interact with truly high status men. So show them that you are high status from the start and you will make yourself the exception and not the norm.

So there you go…

I hope I did a good job of explaining high status to you. I also hope my examples gave you some ideas on how you can raise your status to women even higher.

If you are looking for more information on how to be high status, I recommend checking out PUA Training by clicking here. That site is AWESOME!

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