Best And Worst Text Messages To Send Women (Video)

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Tyler Tray ran a contest for the BEST and WORST text
messaging conversations with women…

He picked a winner and a loser, and made a video picking out the
strengths and weaknesses of each (you’ll get a kick out of what
the loser does with his mom :-) )…

Click Here to Watch it….

Tyler lays out some crucial “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in the
texting conversations which is really valuable info you
can use in your next text message…

He’s taking down this video after Valentines Day so I
would watch it before it’s gone…

Click Here to watch the BEST and WORST Text Messages Video

Enjoy the video and keep the pimp hand strong this
Valentines Day :-)


P.S. Make sure you stay till the end of the video.
He’s got something for you to use this Valentine’s
weekend that you don’t want to miss out on…

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